20th Century Music Questions

I was wondering if somebody here on the sdmb could help me to answer the following questions:

  1. What is a whole tone scale?

  2. What is quotation music? What is an example of it?

  3. What is atonality?

  4. In Indian music, what is the pattern of notes the melody is based on?

  5. In Indian music, what is the name of the rhythmic pattern governing the music?

Thank you for your help.

Homework, perchance?

I’m going to have to agree with GorillaMan. It appears that you are just copying and pasting a homework assignment into the SDMB for us to do. Though people here would be more than happy to answer your questions to feed your curiosity, it’s another thing to paste your assignments onto the board and expect answers. Someone may be along to help you, but please keep this in mind for the future (you can at least attempt to disguise your homework as a personal question :smiley: ).

Even if this isn’t yesterday’s homework, your method of questioning is still somewhat peculiar.

no it’s not homework. It’s material that my teacher ran out of time teaching to us. It’s the remainder of my Music 103 book.

…and on the ‘even if’ line, three of the questions are easy Googles anyway.

OK, I can just about believe that…here’s links for the Indian music Qs, you can find the others on google yourself :smiley:


Do you happen to go to SIU by any chance? Your location and user ID were hints…

My wife’s an alum and we own a house in DuQuoin, but you don’t see many Dopers from that far south in IL.


You’re finishing Music 103, and you still don’t know what a whole tone scale and atonality are? Did you skip Music 101?

No I didn’t skip Music 101. I decided to put the remaining week of effort into my engineering classes and blow off the Music 103 questions since they won’t be appearing on any upcoming tests.