24 Hour Grief TV

Seriously, for those whose lives depend on convincing others that someone so special has died, put them on a tv station and let it play all day long.

This would include JFK, Jr, Marilyn Monroe, and everyone else who wants to stay in the spotlight.

Of course it is too bad these people died, but why the hell worship James Dean after all these years?

That is downright creepy, anyway. If you have to get your jollies by looking at a photo of dead Marilyn Monroe, you are seriously screwed.


If they are dead how could ** they ** want to stay in the spot light?

What is wrong with people wanting to show their love and/or admiration for someone who has somehow touched their lives, even if that person is no longer there ?

I have my oun suspisions as to why you started this thread. I hope I am wrong.

Seriously, after searching your post and re-reading your threads today (I had forgotten you even existed) I don’t see how ** you ** can say ** anyone ** is serouusly screwed.

Just my 2 cents.

seriously ::sigh::

Without making further comments this could do with a coat of leaving alone.

All right, but I’m going to say this anyway.

If you want to honor someone who died, observe their birthday, or some other milestone. Observing the death day is ghoulish, like you’re glad they died.


Rilch, Lindsay is mocking us and our Wally banner, etc.

Like Ayesha and Kelli, the thought of this rant REALLY being about the Wally banner crossed my mind. However, I am quite willing to accept that that is a misinterpretation. Maybe Lindsay could confirm this.

[sup](She’d better.)[/sup]

Cold, she posted in GD and MPSIMS that she didnt know who wally was. Impossible, Ayesha proved they had interacted.
After her thread in GD was closed, and she was instructed to click on the link, she went and started ANOTHER one, and then this.

Yeah, Oh Teeming Millions–we have among us a new & misbegotten Trr-ooolll! <sotto chorus>Amen!</sotto chorus>
May the Great & Mighty Cecil; in His infinite wisdom, kindness, mercy , benevolence & snappy dress sense strike her poxy ass dead. <sotto chorus>Amen!</sotto chorus>

Of course , we mean Lindsay.<sotto chorus>Amen!</sotto chorus>

Honoring is worship? Well, I guess, if you are talking Jesus… :wink:

I honor many who have passed my way. Wally is one. I think he was a really great guy that had a lot to say and a great way of saying it. I gave him a lot of shit when he first crossed my path because he was such a board slut… but he turned out to be one of the best contributors to this board.

I also honor my brother. Sometimes, his death, even though years ago, still hits me and I talk about it here. Sometimes a post or a word or a date or something will bring it all back and instead of holding all that pain inside I post and share. I’m not trying to bring other posters down, I’m trying to get some understanding. I’m looking for other posters who have felt the pain I have. I’m looking for that spark of understanding in another human. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

If you are talking about the pain of losing a celebrity that you never really knew… like MM or JD or JFK then I can’t really help that person. I thought it was very sad when we lost Mother Teresa but I didn’t know her personally so my pain was the fleeting sense that the world at large had lost an asset. I felt the same way about Princess Di. Yes, very sad; she was a nice lady that participated in making the world a better place. I said a few words to my Goddess and left it at that.

I’m not going to immediately jump on the band wagon that you have an ulterior motive with this post. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and hoping that my post might explain at least one poster’s feelings about death.

Personally, I get very bummed sometimes about my brother but I honestly feel that he is okay; he has gone on. I think Wally has too. They never really “died” because the soul is pure, eternal energy. But I am at times sad I can’t touch, read or share that energy in a more direct way.

It isn’t worship. It’s pain at the loss. And not sharing it, talking about it, just allows it to fester inside your own heart and make you a miserable cuss.

Pain, like love, must be shared. Sharing pain lessens the load. Sharing love is another way to lessen the load we all must carry.

My best to all,
love and pain,

Miss you, Ian. Miss you, Wally.

You know, “Lindsay”, you are beginning to strain my patience. This is your third covert swipe at Wally’s death and the grief it caused folks here.

If Wally’s death didn’t particularly affect you, well, so be it. And don’t even try that pathetic crap that you didn’t know who he was; it’s been amply demonstrated you did in fact know. So somehow you missed his vitality and good humor? Your loss.

But do try, at least, to summon up something that can pass for common human decency and refrain from stupid, snide, vicious little jabs at those who mourned his death and noted his passing.

Too much grief for you? This somehow offends you or directly affects your life? Then don’t read the threads, go on to other topics that interest you and keep your vicious, petty, hateful little mouth shut about it.

You are trolling, plain and simple. Your repeated attempts through misdirection, lying and mock-innocent “intellectual debate” are as transparent as they are contemptible.

I rarely cuss, but I can’t imagine what kind of sick fuck would get jollies over dancing on graves.


That’s it. Vebbie is cursing! Lindsay, you ignorant git, look what you did!


Is that giant locusts hopping toward me outside?

On a serious note: I think Lindsay’s silence says enough. She’s in way over her head. And scared shitless, if she has any shred of decency within her.

Coldfire, I also thought I was maybe reading too much into the OP, but I did a little searching and changed my mind. In What single event do you wish you could erase from history? she says she wishes she could prevent Princess Di from getting into the car that she was killed in. Does this not directly contradict the OP? Obviously she cared enough for Princess Di to want to go back and prevent her death, so how can she not understand why others would want to honor someone who died before their time?
I agree with Ayesha and kelli that it was a thinly veiled attempt to mock us and our mourning of Wally, and I also agree with Bosda that she is trolling. Want more proof? How about this thread: Why not charge airplane fares by your weight? That OP just smacked of trollery to me. In fact, it was that thread that made me take notice of her and keep my eyes open for other stupid comments from her.
Of course, I could be wrong, and I hope she comes in here to defend herself.

Remembering a person on the date that person died is more sincere, and forces people to remember the times in which that person lived and that person who lived it. That is how it is for a time of mourning. My dad’s deathday is coming up. Keeping it helps me remember him as I knew him.

A birthday is an excuse for a party, and generally has no connotation with our mortality. Witness the way we celebrate Christmas and contrast that with Good Friday.

What I was referring to was the countless books written about JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and now the fourth one about John Lennon.

And about television coverage. There are some stations who seem to revel in going over ‘what could have been.’

When JFK, Jr’s plane crashed there was so much attention given to finding the remains. Fine. However, there were other plane wrecks and not as much effort made to find those missing people.

Also JFK.,JR was known mostly for living in his father’s shadow.

When he died, the local telly tried to get people to go on the tv and weep. It didn’t work as well as they hoped. No one under 60 or 70 cared.

So this one station got this 80 or 90 year old woman to appear and she said when she heard the news she called one of her friends to say do you remember our little John, John who saluted at his father’s coffin. Well, he is dead.

That was so pathetic. Among the 20 year olds, their reaction was who was he?

Of course I didn’t want Princess Diana to die. However, I also thought that broadcasting her funeral was enough.

The rest of the time it was keep the hand on the remote, Diane Sawyer is going to weep for her good friend, Diana.

Diana was made into every TV person’s best friend.

I still wish I could go back and keep her from getting into that car.

Doesn’t mean I want to watch nonstop coverage of the death and ignore the rest of the news.

Why the fuck do you think the “countless books” are mourning their death?
I for one LOVE to celebrate John Lennon’s life.I do so by reading books about him, watching movies he was in, and especially listening to his music. He is to me what Princess Di, JFK Jr are to others. I never knew him personally, but his life effected my own in many ways. How dare you mock anybody else’s pain? How dare you look down on someone because they are genuinely mourning somebody who meant a lot to them. It may be a fleeting feeling of sadness, but it’s real, and it hurts.
If I die in a plane crash, the world will not mourn my passing because the world doesn’t KNOW me. But the world does know celebrities, and they mean a lot to people. The more people you touch=more mourners=more TV coverage.
You have no respect for the dead, and no respect for other people’s feelings.
And if this does have anything to do with WallyM7, then I request that you leave this board immediately. He had more intelligence and integrity in his little finger than you could ever hope to have in your entire lifetime.

Just FYI, now the troll has started another thread here in the Pit, insinuating some kind of oddness in how promptly Dopers were advised of Wally’s death.

We’ve had trolls before, but this cretin sets a new low standard for pure vileness.


OK Lindsay, you expect us to believe it was just a coincidence that you started this thread around the same time you got ripped a new asshole for the ‘Who was Wally’ thread. Right. You also said you were still in the dark about who Wally was after reading the Announcement thread. You must have the reading comprehension of a Golden retriever. Maybe you should go pick up a copy of ‘Cat In The Hat’ and learn to read.
What made you think of it? JFK Jr. died almost a year ago. Princess Di has been dead nearly three. What recent celebrity death has been all over the ‘telly’? I can’t think of one.
Why don’t you just admit what you did and run along? Your phony innocence isn’t fooling anyone. Maybe in “real life” you can get away with your self-centered bullshit, but not here. I guess it was just too much for you to handle, all the attention of the board going to a dead man when you were posting your deep thoughts. I mean, you are just so cute and smart and sexy, why shouldn’t everyone pay attention to you?
Grow up little lady, and learn to show people respect. The world does not revolve around you, and neither does this message board. The people here have just lost a close friend, and all you do mock us with your ‘innocent’ questions.
I have been here a long time, and I have never come across anyone as low-down rotten as you.
Do everyone a favor, and stop coming here. In fact, throw away your computer, or donate it to charity or something. You don’t know how to use it anyway. Go back to doing the things you do best, like staring in the mirror and admiring your boobs, or seducing your boss. No one will miss you and your idiotic questions. I can guarantee there will be no ‘Whatever happened to Lindsay’ threads. Besides, you don’t even think up your topics, you hear them on the radio. How original! What sharp wit!
Go away troll, you bother me.

Rose, that was the most eloquent flame I have seen in ages! Kudos to you!

Be warned Lindsay, those of us who know you are lower than scum will not let the othres forget it.
Go away now, before it gets any uglier.

I agree; Rose, great flame.

Not only is Lindsay is a total slut (by her own admission, she lives for sex and can’t wait to “get it on” on the first date); she also gave advice saying emphatically that any man who spends more than $25.00 on the first date is stupid.

So, not only is she a whore; she’s a cheap fucking whore.

To quote Lindsay:

Well, as long as there are sluts like you with the morals of a goat, guys will have no problems getting laid, if indeed that is what they are after.

And you are just a fucking ghoul for your feigned indifference to Wally. If he didn’t register high in your shallow little world, fine. At least have the common decency to step back and respect the reactions of his friends.