24: Season 4: Episode 9 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)

I’m amazed that this isn’t a thread already.


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Looks like all the storylines are starting to come together. Can’t wait until next week.

TerrorDad is determined to shorten the family reunion list one way or another.

Poor Comic Book Guy.

I’ve decided that Jack is a supernatural being. Kill him, shoot him, run him over. He can’t be stopped.

Wow, 1.5 hours after the ned of the episode and only 2 posts. I hate Valentine’s Day.

I gotta say that I loved Terror Mom’s little speech about her devotion to the cause near the end of the episode.

Yeah, that was a good speech. On the other hand, the reply is obvious: TerrorDad shot you and is trying to kill your son, and if he succeeds your punishment is to give him what he wants by letting him get away with it?

Man, it sucks to be Edgar. Gonna be tough for him to focus on his job.

And just how long is Marianne going to stay unconscious? You’d think they could toss a bucket of cold water on her head and wake her ass up. They kind of need to get her to the torture room, stat. Time’s running short.

Interesting little exchange between Driscoll and Curtis at the start of this episode – mutual agreement to cover up some details of how Marianne got so deep in just a few hours. I’m wondering if the person they send from Division to investigate will be Michelle? (since we already found out last week she works at Division, now).

Another warm and fuzzy moment with W’ard and B’iver Q’liver, lots more great action, and a great cliffhanger for next week.

Somebody clear up a coupla things tho. I thought SecDef’s #2 guy was evil - did I confuse him with Evil White Computer Guy?

And Evil White Computer Guy’s cell calls went to Evil Bitch Marianne and J’uhn Qliver? Was J’uhn the Uhura for the terrorists?

I missed the first 40 minutes. Would anyone care to summarize the first part? When I turned on the TV, terror mom was in custody, Jack was wearing a vest, the kid was at the hospital trying to get pain medication. What happened before that? How did terror mom wind up with the feds?

CTU traced a phobe call from helicopter-dude to terrormom’s cell phone, which they located at the hotel. The Beav went to a nearby hospital, where terrormom’s brother works, to get pain killers. Apperently, bro’ isn’t in on the terror plot.

A lot of time on the subplot with Delta-Edgar’s mom and how he’s trying to get her evacuated.

I was really hoping Jack would say “we’ve got Behrooz in the next room and will start torturing him in 5 minutes unless you tell us everything you know.”

Oh, yeah, terrormom’s brother immediately called terrorfahdur to tell him the Beav was there asking for painkillers. Terrorfahdur conviced the bro-in-law to hold the Beav in place since he’s worred the kid is taking drugs. Jack gets the president to promise a pardon for the Beav if terrormom cooperates.

Not much happened at CTU. No mention of Sarah, and Marianne is still out, although

Marianne is awake in previews for next week’s episode.

You know, that’s what I THOUGHT would happen. But we’ve seen that several times before, on earlier seasons – with Sayed Ali’s son in season 2 and Saunder’s daugher in season 3. So I thought it was refreshing that Bauer took a different approach this time.


Happy to. Jack found the last ten calls on the cellphone of the offed White guy terrorist. They used that to determine that he was calling Marianne (Mary Anne/ Sherry jr.) and Terror Mom. Comic Book guy uses that to trace down Terror Mom and Terror kid. Meanwhile back at CTU 1st and 2nd in command has decided on CYA in regards to Sherry Jr. While this is happening Terror Kid decides to help Terror Mom by getting medicine from her clueless MD brother, who promptly calls Terror Dad. Now while all this is going on Comic Book Guy realizes that his Mom is stuck where a nuclear plant is heading into meltdown, and is decidely upset when no one will move Heaven and Earth for his Mom. Meanwhile Terror Dad is heading for the hospital to off Terror Son, and Jack and Tony are making deals with Terror Mom to save Terrror Son.

Did I leave anything out?

Thanks, guys. It’s like I never missed anything at all!

By the way thy missed a golden comedic moment. When Gung Ho CTU guy is mahandling Terror Mom he was susposed to say "Where’s the Universal Remote of Doom?!!..BIIATCHHH!!! " Followed by a bitchslap.

They never follow my suggestions. :smiley:

Is it just me or does anyone want to see an episode with a portion of it focusing on torturing Marianne?

“That’s all the information you have?..too bad, we aren’t done torturing you yet!”

And the prez agrees to send over a document (on the pardon), but then says to his own crony, “Make sure it’s non-binding.”

And when that happened, I said, “OOOOOOooooooooohhhh!” – trying to imagine how Jack will react when he finds out about this little bit of presidential perfidy.
Meanwhile, I want to find out how pissed off Sarah is right now…

I think Terrormom’s role was to bake brownies for Omar and buddies, for the post-Heller-execution party.

Speaking of GungHo… when Jack grabbed him out of the room, and the guy said, “He (Almeida) has no right giving me orders!” … I was just waiting for Jack to bitchslap him and say, “I gave you the order to stand down, you anal-dwelling butt monkey!” (or something like that… ;))

And the president has been on that plane for 9 hours now? Is he just working on his Phileas Fogg impersonation? where the hell is he going?

Yeah, we were talking about that two or three episodes ago. It’s gotten to the point where I’m laughing whenever I see the plane. Where the fuck have they been flying around all this time?

I don’t see why everyone is hung up on the President flying around all the time. Air Force One can be refueled in the air and kept flying for quite a while.

Yay! Another parental crisis, now that Edgar’s mommy is in the picture. I can’t wait for Chase’s dad to get in on this season. :smiley:

And one thing I’ve been meaning to mention from the get go, that I’ll squeeze in now since we’re having a bit of a lull:

Every time I see Terrormom, the first thing I think of (after “Smokin!”, of course,) is how eerily she resembles Sylvia Sidney.

(Well, Sylvia Sidney c. 1961, anyway – I wish I could find a picture from that time period. They look far more identical than any two people of such disparate backgrounds have any right to. :eek: )

We know that. As both of us said, though, where the hell are they flying to and from, and why are they in the air in a national emergency?