24: Season 8: Episodes 3-4 (6:00pm - 8:00pm)

“Does Farad have a plan?”

Hmmm…the Cylons have a plan…better check out Agent Starbuck.

::snicker::: nice.
Being a CTU field agent, wouldn’t Cole have had a duress code he could use when he called in? You know, something a little less obvious than “he’s here with me”…? I’m just sayin. I mean, it could be a totally meaningless CTU phrase, like “we’ve secured a perimeter”…

Jack looks amazingly smooth/clean-faced for a guy who was just impersonating a punching bag less than an hour ago.

The assassin is glowing! – maybe he swallowed the nuclear rod that Homer Simpson tossed out of the car…

Does Hassan look like Elvis to anyone else? It’s close to January 8th…

“I have a much bigger ask.”
You ARE a big ass.

“I thought that came with your job.
Along with your ability to handle it.”
But why are they paying so much attention to this if she isn’t bad?

Hastings was being such a kiss-ass…

now Renee is going to feel like she has a baby-sitter

He’s fucked up so much, he’s got to suck up to Jack.

Wait, Jack and whats her name are going from NY to where?
On 24?

I meant he was being a kiss-ass to Meredith. But yeah, he’s kissing a lot of ass right now.

Dana/Jenny needs to ask Jack to accompany her back to her apartment. And let him have a little talk with blackmail boy.

No, I think Mexico is just part of their cover story…

This guy looks like Lurch.

KILL Moose and Squirrel!


And we must wait a week for more?

Renee has flipped! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!

When she learned from Jack to relax the rules, she really went all out. She’s Mini-Jack on PMS!

No, no, she is “Bride of Jack”.

Who’s got a solid count on “dammit”?

I only heard 3 in the first 4 hours.

Best use of a Makita in a supporting role goes to Agent Freckles.

Not a whole lot of folks posting here, Monstre.
You calling them in to Jack or something?

Kinda hard to swear understandably went you are spitting your teeth out. :slight_smile:

We should get Chloe on it. Have her re-route the satellite surveillance to see where they all are.

Once located, Jack can Axe them why they don’t watch and respond to the thread.

Y’all post now, you hear?

Sorry, there’s no tv in my computer room, and no computer in the tv room.

BTW, this is starting to seem like a strange season. It looks like Cole is doing the dangerous stunts that used to fall to Jack, and Renee is taking over as chief torturer.