24-- When the heck is it on in Vancouver?

I’ve only been able to see the last two episodes episodes after downloading them from the 'net.

This week, I have access to cable, but not to a computer that’s really up to playing video of any quality.

I’m having a bastard of a time trying to find out when 24 is on. The searchable cable listings at mybc.com are a thing of the past, I assume for political reasons since mybc.com is sponsored by Shaw Cable’s adversary for high-bandwidth internet.

tvguide.com’s searchable listings include all the pissant cable providers for remote parts of BC, but exclude Shaw.

Shawtv.com doesn’t appear to have searchable listings, and their crap flash-abuse webpage makes me want to hurt puppies.

I have developed eyestrain from pouring over the pulp version of TV Guide. (Why don’t they mark the title down as Twenty-Four, so you can find the damned thing?)

From what I can tell, most of the world is seeing 24 on the Fox network tonight at 9:00, the TV Guide’s prognosis for that slot is the shite John Doe. I couldn’t find it last week, either.

Has there been another episode broadcast since… …the episode which ends with Jack & Nina’s plane in a steep dive?

I’m going squirrelly over here.

Tuesday’s at 9 pm on Global.

I’m looking at a preview copy of TV Week here-- doesn’t look like it’s on until the 14th or thereabouts

The 14th!

But… but… but…

head explodes

Thanks, man. At least I’m reassured that I’m not just overlooking it. (Must get home and download the latest.) I ought to know to just wait till the season’s over and find it in its entirety somewhere.
I’ll go whinge somewhere else, now.

Actually, January 7th. And to answer the spoiler, that is what we will find out on the 7th. But surely… nah, couldn’t happen. Not to KS!

I think I either saw this info on their website or maybe even on FOX. But it didn’t seem to be something they mentioned at the end of the last episode. Some warning would have been nice.

<curses FOX Broadcasting>

Ah, frigging hell Larry, I made a mistake. It is the 7th, at 9pm, on CH (which is the same network as Global, but it’s the Victoria station…)

Well, that I can live with.

Now what do I do with this half-built bomb I was going to take down the Fox building?*

*Note to Poindexter and the rest of the TIA spooks-- this is only an attempt at wry humour. Please don’t break down my door and drag me off to Cuba.

Pass it on to Firefly fans like myself.

For future reference

Searchable TV Guide for Canada

Thanks Annie, but the online TV guide doesn’t appear to include Shaw cable-- if you put in a postal code for an area that is served by Shaw alone, it shunts you straight to the broadcast lineup-- all 4 channels. (Canada sucks that way, eh?)

Shaw is absent from this TVGuide.com portal, too-- it lists all the areas of BC that are served by Shaw’s competitors, but nothing for Greater Vancouver & other Shaw-only areas. My gut feeling is that Shaw Internet has a listings service bundled with their members area, and they don’t want free listings of their lineup floating around. A head-up-a$s marketing decision, if it is indeed the case.