25 fun time killers.

Just found this today. Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile: New ways to avoid work

OMG! I’m posting this at 45 degrees via the ‘orgulator’

Imagination would be awesome if I still did drugs.

Well, dang. Can’t get to it. “The Websense category “Lingerie and Swimsuit” is filtered.”

Stoopid work servers.

Yup. My boss is getting another “Banned Site Access” alert on me too. :mad:

I like the games here: http://meph.eu.org/.

Websense is blocking Maxim? WTF?! :confused:

I’m sorry if you guys got in trouble, I had no idea that would be blocked.

If any mods come along, could you edit the OP to say it’s possibly not work safe?

I got 20 out of 21 on the “12-Pixel Superheroes.”

Me too! I would have been perfect if not for that damn Ocelot :smack: !