25 years ago ..

Bhopal gas disaster killed 20,000 + people.


More stories and pictures.

I remember, if no one else does. :frowning:

It hasn’t been forgotten here, indian.

Just after the disaster, my friend, who had been in India at the time, and I travelled from John O’Groats to Lands End, he riding a bike while suffering from Hepatitis A, me driving the backup car, and we raised £3,500 - a reasonable sum then - for a project to educate the Bhopal widows, to help them form small, self-sustaining craft businesses.

Memories of the tragedy are all over the news today here in the UK.

I work at a government safety agency. We have some books on the disaster in our library. A terrible thing.

I remembered. And as I said elsewhere: I’m gobsmacked that it’s been 25 years already. And I wish I was less cynical so I would be gobsmacked to realize that nothing has really changed. :frowning: :mad:

I had a schoolfriend whose parents both suffered lung injuries at the time. We’ve lost touch, so I don’t know what their present status is.

jjimm, well done!