250 to 300 GB External Hard Drive Recommendations?

I’m in the market for a 250 to 300 GB external hard drive, and was looking for a recommendation. The two low priced ones I saw on Amazon.com each had customer reviews that gave me pause (one was noisy and had connectivity problems, the other was partitioned into eight 30 GB partions).

Anyone have a recommendation for a good, inexpensive drive?

what’s your definition of ‘inexpensive’??

I recently got an Acomdata USB hard drive from the local gadgets superstore. Wasn’t cheap, but it’s 250 gig and has given me no problems at all. Its little blue light is even bright enough to serve as a nightlight for my living room and keep me from stubbing my toe if I wander in in there at 4 am.


Lacie has a wide variety of stylish-yet-reasonably-priced external drives.

You can also spend $30 at Newegg for an enclosure and buy the hard drive yourself.

I’m in the market for one myself. I like this one.


I used a Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB external drive at my last job. I liked it, particularly since it could connect either via USB2 or Firewire. As for the reviews you read, it’s hardly fair to criticize a hard drive if it was partitioned into eight 30GB partitions, since that’ s up to the owner, who could have changed it if that was not desirable.