25th Anniversary Getaway Ideas?

The wife and I are celebrating our 25th this July and I was looking for suggestions of places in the US we could go for a week long getaway. Also possibilities are Hawaii or the Bahamas although I’ve read how Hawaii is getting pretty expensive lately.

Any ideas?

It’s hard to give ideas if we have no idea what you like to do, where you are located, and what your budget is.

For instance, we live in Ohio and just booked really convenient flights to the Bahamas for $460pp. Flights to Hawaii are ~$1000 now, though I’ve seen sales as low as $850.

We never stay in hotels, but instead stay in privately rented condos or hotel timeshares. You can cut down costs by bundling air/hotel or you can rent a condo/villa instead of paying for a swanky hotel.

You listed The Bahamas so I assume you and the missus have current passports so I would recommend Belize. It is a 2 hour flight from the US and has nice beaches, Mayan ruins, and spectacular diving.

PunditLisa nailed it.

Having said that - if you like Hawaii-type things and if it fits your budget, you can do some good basic research by checking out the Hawaii love on this board. Search on past threads and you’ll see discussions of whether or not the food is good, Maui vs. Big Island, what to do on Oahu…I’m not sure any other US state gets as much attention as Hawaii on the Dope. Anyway…since Hawaii is a popular destination for honeymooners, there are plenty of romantic possibilities. “Expensive” is an apt word, alas.

I’m looking at Belize. Interesting and good prices.

Key West was a blast for us. We stopped off in the Everglades on the way home.

My favorite stateside getaways are Las Vegas (for the food and spectacle; I don’t gamble) and New Orleans. If I’m up for international travel, it’s generally Jamaica. There are some very romantic couples resorts there.


This is where Suburban Plankton and I have planned for our 25th in 2018.