25th hour -- 25 hours too many!

So I got dragged to the latest Spike Lee craptacular – has he made a decent movie in ten years? – and ohhh, was it awful!

Good god – the characters were insipid. We’ve got drug-lord you don’t care about, latina sex-pot you don’t care about, and a bunch of friends and family who could all jump into a blender in mid-picture without causing a yawn. Everyone was so over-the-top, the Russian Mafia Boss guy was relaxing and underplayed by comparison! Lest you think I was exaggerating, I had to cover my eyes during the club scene owing to the excruciating use of cliches, it got so bad I was begging for the trademark Spike Lee tracking shot to break up the pain. Then there’s some sort of lame ending, which I don’t quite recall as I had retreated to the blessed sanctum of gibbering insanity.

Why on earth was this film recommended to me by two (2) people? Is a movie with a plot and characters deeper than crepe paper so challenging to watch?

I agree with you completely. I believe there was a thread on the movie’s overall ickiness a little while ago.