2nd hand books for £0.01 through Amazon

What’s the deal with the book stores selling 2nd hand books for £0.01 through Amazon? How can they possible make any money that way? Both Amazon and the other book stores.

Shipping reimbursement. If it’s more than the amount it actually costs to ship (especially if they’re getting some kind of bulk mail discount), then they make money.

They make their money on the postage charge. I don’t know about the UK, but in the US, postage on all Amazon Marketplace orders is $4.00. It doesn’t cost that much to send.

Probably much the same as this thread from last fall:
How Can Amazon Vendors Sell Books for Only 1 Cent?

Ebay too. I saw a lot of 5 two gig USB sticks for 1 cent with a $60 shipping charge. Sheeese! You can catch 4 gig ones on sell for $10 each.