2x4 soaking in motor oil?

A long time ago, I seem to recall seeing a movie, or perhaps TV show, in which the character refers to another character hitting someone with “A 2x4 that had been soaking in motor oil for two years”.

Assuming I’m not insane (and that’s a broad assumption :D), what would be the point of soaking a 2x4 in motor oil for two years? What effect would it have on the wood (no pun intended)?

Seems to me the wood might swell up a bit, maybe get a little softer, maybe a lot heavier. Then again, if it’s properly treated wood, maybe nothing at all would happen to it.

That’s really strange. Maybe the screenwriters just thought it sounded bad-ass. (Anything that invokes the manly arts of target shooting and engine repair sounds bad-ass to screenwriters.)

The oil is to deter insects. That’s how railroad ties are treated.
And it makes the wood as heavy as green wood, which as any camper can tell you is a lot heavier than deadwood.

Yeah, what What a . . said. (Hey, somebody was gonna’ do it, sooner or later, right?)
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Railroad ties aren’t treated with motor oil. They are treated with creosote.

I think the only effect would be having it heavier.
Seems pretty pointless, just hit the guy over the head with a bar rather than put something like that in a lot of motor oil.

Would motor oil have the same affect as a barrel of liquid fat behind a McDonnalds?

a classic bit I’ve not heard in years

Since 2002, maybe?