3,000 miles in a day with a puppy.....

Yesterday, I finally flew home to Northern California with my new puppy - Ethel Merman … It took all day, and a couple of planes, but she’s no worse for wear… a real trooper :smiley:

Had a great time, met all kinds of really nice people at the Toronto and O’Hare airports, and decided from now on when I fly I’ll always bring an 8 week old puppy…
or not…

Now the tough part… raising her!

Flying with pets is definitely a different experience. I recently brought a friend’s cat back down to Florida from NYC when I went to visit with her as she could no longer keep him.

I’m not generally a very social, outgoing person but I had every single person in Newark and Atlanta Airports stop to talk to me. When I had to duck in and use the restroom between flights I got sent to the head of the line and shooed into the larger stall with the baby change area. As I walked down the concourse to my gate, I left in my wake a chorus of people cooing “awwww”. It was quite a surreal experience.

Kitty did well on the flights too, and I’m glad I could carry him on.

Awww…Miss Merman is a cutie pie :slight_smile:

I can see how she is a people magnet! Oh, and I thought you had a very apt username for a 3000 mile trip with a new pup :slight_smile:

Precious angel! This board needs more puppy pictures.

Best wishes for many happy years together for you and Ethel Merman!