3/4" thick hardwood vs. 5/8" thick hardwood floor

I’ve been looking at solid hardwood and the company that I have been working with has a real nice angico that I like better than the tigerwood and the brazilian cherry that I was initially looking at.

They have a 3.5 inch wide that I prefer to the 3" wide slats, but the 3.5" only comes in 5/8" thickness. Are there any reasons, significant or otherwise, to avoid going with the 5/8" for a hardwood floor?


The only obvious thing I can think of is that years from now when the floor is looking abused and scarred, the thicker flooring will improve your odds of a successful sanding and refinishing. Beyond that, I bow to the experts who will show up shortly.

Assuming a proper sub-floor I don’t think it should make much difference. Top quality 5/8" flooring would be preferable to a lower grade 3/4".

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Modern pre-finished flooring is coated with an (IIRC) aluminum-oxide coating (or some such) that is pretty much bulletproof, and more importantly, next to impossible to refinish.

Save trees and go with 5/8", save even more trees and go with engineered flooring :slight_smile:

The other issue, possibly, is doorframes and thresholds. If you’re replacing an existing floor that is 3/4 thick, you might have done rework to do. You might also have a slight problem if your new floor adjoins an existing floor, which might be a bit higher.

Perhaps bulletproof but certainly not scratch proof :frowning:

Thanks all for your feedback I feel good about going with the 5/8ths.

What’s on your floor right now? As noted, there’s a good chance you’ll have to redo all your door casings if you go with 5/8" flooring (if it bothers you to have a 1/8" gap, which is possible).

People are doing wider planks these days, and I think they look a lot better. Does the company you’re working with offer anything in 5" widths?

The doorways are on linoleum so they would still have to be cut.