3 Blind Mice gets stadium Intern tossed. @%$#^&

I had no idea a baseball umpire could toss a stadium intern for playing Three Blind Mice over the PA system after a questionable call. This is really comedy gold. I would love to attend a game and sit behind the plate whisteling Three Blind Mice next time this umpire works the plate. I wonder if the ump thinks he can toss a fan too?

You know this will be a defining moment in his career. The ump who couldn’t face the music. Somehow, he has a lot of growing to do before he’s ready for the majors.


Many know of the Presidential 20 year curse, but few have heard of the 13.5 year Minor League Musical Mouse curse.

I remember reading about this happening, probably in a minor league game, in one of Ron Luciano’s books.

Funny stuff!

OK, I totally get “Three Blind Mice” - obvious insult there. But what’s wrong with the Mickey Mouse Club?

Calling something “Mickey Mouse” is like calling it stupid or a joke or bullshit.

Baseball is so utterly boring that at least something happened at a game. Ump seems a bit over the top.

I think the Mickey Mouse theme is more creative- back in high school/college pick up games (albeit basketball), we used to say “no calling Mickey Mouse fouls” as a way of declaring that nitpicking was not allowed.