3 day getaway flight out of denver

So looking for ideas.

Cities are good. No NYC, been there plenty.

Good food, culture, easy to get around. Easy flight via United from Denver or CO Springs.

Probably winter. Open to varying weather but no snow would be a plus since we should have plenty here.


Rumor has it that Vegas is fun for a three day weekend.

thanks, should have mentioned I am there a lot.

Good idea though!

How about San Francicso? It won’t be quite as warm as Vegas, but you’re pretty much guaranteed no snow.

San Francisco or Seattle!

I’m going to propose a close trip - Santa Fe.

My parents had a great time last year in San Antonio doing the river walk. I always recommend Vancouver BC but it’s getting late in the year.

New Orleans meets all your criteria and has direct flights from Denver.


San Fran is on my list. My short list.

Santa Fe not so much. I go to Albuquerque on business a lot and have hit Santa Fe. I think it’s good for about one day.

Love New Orleans. Just did that one not long ago.

Seattle was another one I was thinking about. Can anyone chime in on why I would want to go there over say San Fran?

Vancouver I have not done but like you say that time of year which would be around February might be a little on the bitter side.

My wife has done San Antonio but I would not mind. Anything to do in Austin?

One note: If you do wind up going there, try not to refer to it as “San Fran”. Some of the folks there can be a bit touchy about that.

Noted. It is also frowned upon to reference rice-a-roni being a san franciso treat?

Nah, I think everyone’s ok with that. :wink:

You’re allowed to call it The City, though.

I am leaning towards “The City”. My wife has been there on business but I don’t think she did much. She’s not much of an explorer when I am not around.

I am assuming I might want a car? Are there any Marriotts or Hyatts decently located in “The City”? I am trying to do this trip all on rewards points which I have with those hotels and United Airlines.


This. This. This.

Yup, love New Orleans. Was just there though about 7 months ago.

Direct flights and easy to get around once you are there unless you are going to the boonies.

I went to Vancouver in February (for the Winter Olympics) and it was pretty temperate. Probably closer to a Colorado late March or April than a Colorado February. Certainly not balmy, but definitely not bitter.

Tons to do in Austin if you like food and music. If you’re not into food and music, then probably not too much, unless you really want to see the LBJ presidential library, or something.

The Hyatt Regency is located in the Financial District downtown, and there are a few Marriotts around town. Considering the physical size of the city (it’s pretty darn compact), I’d say they’re all “decently located”.

You might want a car; you might not. San Francisco is fairly easily walkable, though you do need to deal with hills. If you want to see sights that are a bit out of down (the Marin Headlands just across the Golden Gate Bridge, for example), then a car is pretty much a must, but if you just want to see the city itself, you really don’t need one. It all depends on your personal vacationing style.

OK, so down to Vancouver, Austin and San Francisco.

Leaning towards San Francisco. I only have about 2 full days there so might be able to skip a car in San Francisco.

I saw the Anthony Bourdain episode in Austin. The BBQ looked awesome. Not sure the music scene is a fit for me though. I am not a hipster that’s for sure.

New Orleans hands down has had the best music scene of any city I’ve been to.

Thanks for everyone weighing in.

Oh and I am still open to suggestions. Colorado Springs is an even better departure for me but Denver works provided I am not snowed in.