3 month SIM - Myth or Fact?

Where can I purchase a SIM card to which I can add minutes that do not expire for 3 months?

All the SIM cards I’ve found allow me to add minutes, but these minutes always expire after 1 month.

I heard that there were 3 months SIMs… but from which company?

Not enough information. There are certainly companies that you can buy blocks of minutes from that last three months, but their phones don’t necessarily use SIM cards, you just get a code to punch in.

What kind of phone do you have, or are you looking to purchase a phone along with service? Do you want data, or just voice minutes and texts? Be more specific and you can get more useful answers.

But to attempt to answer…

The two major U.S. carriers that use SIM cards are AT&T and Tmobile. There’s no chance that I’m going to wade into AT&T’s crappy website to look for you, but Tmobile is easy enough. All of Tmobile’s prepaid “Pay as you Go” plan minutes last at least 90 days. And if you spring for a $100 for 1000 minutes, the 1000 minutes last a whole year.

This is a SIM for an unlocked phone, and I want only voice minutes and texting credits. But wow! Thanks for the find! That 100 dollar deal for 1000 minutes seems sweet :D. I’ll likely bite.

And if you didn’t really mean actual SIM card phones, all of TracFone’s minute refills, except for the cheapest 30 minute card, last at least 90 days, as well.

Without even looking, I believe you’d find very similar at Net10 or StraightTalk Wireless. (Walmart)

Ah, ok. If that’s the case, all you need to do is order this SIM card for 99 cents, and then when you set it up, you can choose the $100 1000 minute option and be good to go for a year or whenever you run out of minutes.

If BTW your phone happens to be an iPhone 4 or 4s, it needs a “micro” SIM card. You can just look online for instructions on how to cut a regular SIM card into a micro SIM card, or you can bring it to Tmobile store and they will convert it into a micro for you. They may have prepaid micro SIM cards at the store, but they probably cost more than online.

    • When you get a SIM card from Tmobile, be aware that you MUST get a Tmobile “Prepaid” SIM card if those are the plans you want. If you get a regular Tmobile SIM card, it will only work for Tmobile’s regular contract plans. The reason I mention this is that if you go into a store looking for a micro SIM card, odds are they will have them, but they won’t be “prepaid” micro SIM cards. I’m not sure if Tmobile even has prepaid micro SIMs in stock - I think all prepaid micro SIMs have to be modified from prepaid regular SIMs.

Hey, thanks so much for the help! I currently plan on getting an unlocked Lumia 800. I have about 300 dollars to spend. What phone would you recommend? I just want to listen to music, text, and browse the web (via wifi). And of course make the occasional call, and I want good camera quality.

I don’t have any experience with Microsoft phones, but I hear good things. I had thought that an unlocked Lumia 800 would cost a lot more than your $300 range, but according to Amazon, that’s a realistic price.

I did notice the Lumia 800 also requires a “micro” SIM card, though, so what I said above for the iPhone 4/4s on Tmobile applies to it, as well.