3 yr old girl missing 35 years; finally a confession that she's dead :(

From this CNN article:

This is so tragically sad. How horrendous that a little girl can disappear completely, and no one figures out that it’s a murder until many years later. :frowning:

How tragic and sad.

Her brother must have lived in fear throughout his childhood that he was next.


No one in Illinois, where they moved to, would have any reason to suspect. But according to the article, the Aunt hired a PI who got prosecutors to investigate the girl’s disappearance in California.

Apparently they simply had no leads.

And they told him she was left with a relative back in California. So if anything, his fear would have been that they’d simply abandon him for lack of space. Although, seeing as how the father “had 17 previous arrests and was convicted four times of charges that include assault and domestic violence,” he probably had lots of reasons to be fearful growing up.

It mentions that the boy was told that there wasn’t room in the car for the girl. Tell me there was another reason for the murder than that! :eek:

Just to clarify, I’m not blaming anybody for not knowing she wasn’t alive; I simply think it’s heartbreaking that it happened that way.

As for the boy, it’s not hard to imagine that once he got a little bit older, the “no room in the car” excuse lost a lot of credibility with him. I can’t imagine he didn’t at least start to suspect something closer to the truth, even if not until adulthood.

No matter how you cut it though, it’s still really very sad.

Dammit. Why is it that the innocent and good so often die unfairly, while the corrupt and evil just go on living?? :mad: :frowning:

I can only hope there is a judgement waiting for them that’s far worse than anything we can give them.

Poor little girl.