30 Days - 6/22/05 (with spoilers)

Anyone watching?

The “steroids” episode was excellent. The guinea pig this time is a former athlete who wants to get back in shape. He sees a “doctor” who puts him on an “anti-aging” regimen. It included testosterone and human growth hormone injections, plus about 40 pills a day – supplements of various kinds. The athlete also changed his diet, and worked out with a cardio trainer.

I hope he signed a release, because within a couple of weeks his liver function was abnormal and all his sperm had died. He stopped the program after 21 days, except for the diet and exercise.

The “doctor” insisted that he’d been on this program himself for eight years, that he had thousands of patients on the program, and that no one had suffered any side effects – but I noticed that he qualified this with “in the beginning”.

Which I guess means everybody made it through the first couple of days okay.

Next week is the Muslim challenge.

Good show. One of my boys takes supplements, and I’m going to suggest he watch.

Damn I forgot all about it last night. So in the end did the guy at least get back into some sort of shape, or was it all for naught?

It’ll be on again – I think FX repeats it all through the weekend.

Yeah, he did make some improvement. He had been a swimmer, competed in college. He improved his lap time (from the start of the show, not from college) by 12 seconds, and lost 15 pounds.

He was staying with the better diet and exercise. His liver function returned to normal, and his sperm count went back up as well.

I was shocked that he lost 7 pounds in the first week. That’s way too much.

Also interesting the the competitive bodybuilder said he didn’t take 40-odd pills a day.

And there is definitely something wrong with a program that causes a man to go from normal sperm levels to ALL DEAD in only a few weeks.

Loved the trip to Mexico.

I didn’t believe that bodybuilder either. He’s taking something – did he say? Was it the human growth hormone? He was grotesque.

What did you think of the wife? I liked how the guy called the trainer on being rude to her, and it looked like the wife appreciated it too. I didn’t care for her in the fertility clinic, when he was on the phone with the doc, and she was yelling at him, telling him what to say.

I was amazed that two testosterone injections would have him throwing fits already.

Where do Mexican pharmacies get their drugs? From American companies? Or are they making them and putting FDA warning labels on them? I don’t understand that at all.

I’m not much on cardio, but if anybody has that trainer’s number, I’d definitely like it :smiley: