30 Rock 2/12/09

I didn’t see a thread for this, and really can’t believe I’m starting one, as I’ve been sort of meh about the series in the past. But this episode was genuinely funny.

I kept thinking about Jon Hamm’s ham throughout, good episode.

I thought it was hilarious - much better than the past couple and it felt like Salma Hayek was finally used effectively.

And the line about her boobs was priceless…

My husband loved Jack’s prayer and his corruption of/terrifying the priest.

So St. Lucia is the patron saint of statues of disapproving saints?

I think I’m up for cheese stew now, topped up with a McFlurry.

“and it wasn’t even the good one…”

Definitely some funny lines that at the time I thought I really should remember, but now I can’t think of them. I think the image of Salma Hayek grabbing her own breasts is going to be with me for a long, long time.

When Jack told the priest that he had once said “I am God” in a deposition, that was a reference to his character in “Malice”, right? That whole scene was hilarious.

I didn’t like the bit with Kenneth and the blind girl much, although the payoff was funny.

I just wish the preview ads I’d seen hadn’t given away the “Whatever you do, don’t open that kitchen window” joke.

Damn you. I wanted to be the one to point that out. One of the greatest scenery-chewings of all time.

I thought this week and last week (Generalissimo) were both particularly funny. They started slow this year- but have seemed to pickup the ball in the last few.

"I onced claimed ‘I am God’ " h. sapiens- I’m positive is a reference to his Malice character. Or, like you… I took it as such.

The whole date escalation thing was very funny. “Your breast has fallen out.” “You don’t trust me.” “That’s because you keep setting fires.”

“Too soon!”

That was hilarious.

I also loved Tracy telling blind girl that Michael McDonald was going to sing for them.

That pianist is Tina Fey’s husband and the composer for 30 Rock.

I enjoyed the episode for the most part, but was really put off by the McFlurry product placement.

If the placement is so over the top that they’re clearly making fun of it, I can enjoy that, and if it’s just product placement I can accept that in this day and age, but this case seemed really blatant.

Not as good as the Generalissimo, but pretty good! I love the subtitles in both episodes. “I’m so mad I’m yelling in Spanish like Ricky Ricardo” is almost as funny as “Then we will go to McDonalds and order only coffee.” I mean, there you are, reading along and so not expecting something so obvious and absurd at the same time.

Didn’t like the Kenneth storyline and I love Kenneth.

Poor Liz Lemon.

I think it was supposed to be satirical.

But…it was supposed to be over the top and blatant. I think you got somewhat whooshed on that one.

I was surprised his character came back for this episode. It looks like Liz is going to get her own relationship arc. Did anyone else think Liz’s reaction to Jack describing that $1000 dessert was off? Liz of all people should be salivating at the mouth after hearing that that.

I dunno. There’s a scene in Arrested Development where they’re talking about product placement while in a Burger King and clearly having fun with the concept, which I thought was hilarious. But the McFlurry thing just didn’t work for me.

They’ve done several product placement gags before. My favorite was the one where Jack told Liz she had to write a comedy skit that involved a GE power generation unit or something. You immediately think, “How in hell do you write a comedy skit that works that in?” Then you realize… they just did. It was clever.

Then there was the scene in the same episode where Liz said, "I will not stoop to pushing people’s products on TV!, then immediately took a drink of Snapple, with the label carefully shown, then saying something like, “Wow, this Snapple is really good!” which kicks off a round of Snapple endorsements from the other people around the table.

I agree with everyone about the reference, but was everything else he said from the show? I don’t seem to remember the one about someone choking on the football field. What else was there?
Turning the kids orange.
Hit his mother with the car
Sodomized the former vp while under the influence of some weapons grade narcotics.

Ok, I don’t remember all of those either.

She should have said “I want to go to there.” :smiley:

I loved that line from Salma asking if Jack was only one of the “Convient” Catholics who only go to church on SUndays.