30 Rock - Is it as horrible as I think it is?

I thought it was terrible.

There were a couple good jokes, but the show just jumped from one scene to another. It seemed to be put together very unprofessionally. Well, it seemed put together by people who don’t know how to make a sitcom. It was like “Lucky Louie” in that regard.

They were on a boat, and the big joke was “this isn’t his boat?” Then what? They showed the people running into the boat and then cut/next scene back at the office.

The throwing things scene was completely stupid. What’s funny? Someone throws a printer at a person? Is that supposed to be realistic? If you’re going to go there, why not have a arrow go into the wall next to her head? Or have a gun go off?

What a mess.

Maybe you should just watch the Alec Baldwin scene from Glengarry Glen Ross over and over instead. “Coffee is for closers. PUT DOWN THAT COFFEE!”

I haven’t seen the show, nor do I really intend to, but it doesn’t suprise me that a situation comedy based upon a tepidly amusing (at best) variety show is, well, at best somewhat less than tepidly amusing. I’d tune in just to watch Tina Fey reading the phone book, though, if I actually watched t.v.


I think last night’s episode was even better than the first (which I liked), and though it’s by no means great, it’s still way funnier than shows that don’t get a fraction of this hostility on the board (2.5 Men, New/Old Christine, How I Met…, etc.). I liked that even though it’s dealing with familiar tropes and devices, the payoffs still made me laugh. I liked how they pulled off the “You’re miked” gag seamlessly, than went straight to “You’re on the monitor” without it feeling contrived. And the throwing gag made me laugh, with a perfect payoff to the “nothing that can hurt” plea. Like I said, nothing original or earth-shattering, but all perfectly timed and executed. No, it’s not Arrested Development (what could be?), but I still think it’s doing the job well.

Tracy Morgan (who I rarely liked on SNL) is funny with the prima donna who may accidentally come off with some sage advice, but who is actually genuinely nuts. Jane K, after less air time than a single Studio 60 episode, is far more convincing as a funny headliner comedienne (with vocal aspirations) than Sarah Paulson will ever be. And Tina Fey isn’t much of an actress, but she is a good straight “man”. Plus, the arc of the show–how she led a safe little insular, creative existence and how her notions of leadership, communication, and sheer competence have all been turned inside out in a manner of seconds–has been very well handled. Essentially, I believe the various dynamics of the show, with the interpersonal conflicts and office politics grounded in what one might call “reality” (after all, this is a comedy show) so despite the absurdity of some of the gags and situations, I’m buying the people that populate things here.

And Alec Baldwin is a perfect center. His line readings are flawless, his deadpan delivery exceptional, and his underplaying of all the “money” moments priceless. I already want to give the big lug the Supporting Actor Emmy, and can’t wait for each episode for him alone.

“…and Twofer’s afraid of black people”
“Which one’s Twofer?”
“The black one”

“Is that why you’re hiding in the storage closet?”
“This is my office”

Plus Alec with the flash cards. :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, how many people hating this show were/are huge fans of Arrested Development? Or Scrubs? Or The Office? Or My Name Is Earl? And any of the other low-rated cult one-camera non-laugh-track comedies?

If you are/were, now you know how the rest of America feels about those shows. :smiley:

I love the shows you list, but 30 Rock is a big meh to me. Unlike the other shows, with each set up, I saw the pay off a mile away. “She’s insulting the crew; I bet there’s a mike somewhere.” “I bet that really fancy boat’s not really his.”

Actually all those shows listed by Exapno Mapcase all keep you on your toes.

I’m liking this show, but it doesn’t make me think, in fact I like it because I can just turn off the ol’ noodle and laugh at the funny faces. At first I didn’t understand why the page-guy (tour-guide, assistant, whatever) was a title-level cast member, but tonight’s episode made me laugh with 2 faces, one when he’s obliviously dancing with the super-hot secretary (And let me just stop there and ask that she be given more of a raise :eek: ) and the other when he’s looking into tv-land on the monitor.


30 Rock = Eh. It may want to be like the other 4, but isn’t.

For the record, this is the first American sitcom of any variety I’ve tried to watch in years. I haven’t seen a single episode of any of the shows on your list. (I do occasionally watch and enjoy “Coupling” and the original “Office” on BBCAmerica.) Bottom line, I just don’t like the basic form very much. However, I consider Ms. Fey a smart enough writer (Mean Girls surprised me) that I thought she might do something interesting and unique with it.

The opening sequence last week, as something of a deliberate throwback to 70’s conventions, introducing Tina’s character wandering the city in a cheerfully dopey haze throwing hot dogs at people, was mildly amusing. But after that: Nope, just another sitcom. Click.

Yeah, I’ll concede that my negative view isn’t especially fair, given what I bring to the show, but hey, I paid my eight bucks, so y’all get to listen to my ignorant drivel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot to mention that I adore the page guy. And I think reading over this thread may be making me like the show more.

The page guy, Jack McBrayer isn’t even showing an eighth of his comedic ability. I had the luck to see him on the Second City E.T.C. stage and they are performances I’ll never ever forget.

I like the show. It’s well-written and well-performed. And genuinely funny. As long as they don’t slide from the quality of the first couple of episodes (by trying to make the show more like a traditional sitcom) I’ll keep watching.

I like it. The editing needs to improve, particularly the flashback-type scenes. Everyone seems to be a bit bipolar, but it had good payoffs.

“That was embarrasing for you.”

Scrubs, yes. The rest…garbage in my book.

I loved Arrested Development, but I’ve never seen the others. But your point is taken. That said, the second episode of 30 Rock was far better than the first.

Yep. Without him, there wouldn’t be a reason for me to keep watching. Later on in the season, maybe, my mind will change, but right now, I pretty much watch for him.

Famous last words, buddy. It’s still on my DVR… :wink: