30 Rock (trying hard to avoid spoilers)

Does anyone else think a golden moment was wasted by not having Alan Alda as himself rather than the character he played?

(looking at the clock and blowing off the Hawaiians) Okay, that’d be funny. I was raised Irish in Jack’s generation and I can see how he could see being a quarter Italian (Alda’s real name is Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo, but his mum was properly Irish, unlike mine, or my father’s father; being Irish in the USA is as much training and a state of mind as it is genetic) was almost as bad as being half Jewish.

I was six and had a crush on the girl next door. Her dad had immigrated from Austria and her mother from Italy. My mother (German, Norwegian, and Bohemian from St Paul) had only barely got over a prejudice against Italians (few in St Paul) based on the movies of Jimmy Cagney (Irish) and Edward G Robinson (Jewish) and became fast friends with my love’s mother. (My love was a year older and saw me as scum. Her sister, a year younger than I, was smitten with me. That’s the way love is; sho nuff how it is. (youtube link)

Decades later I asked my mother if she would like my wife nearly as much if she were Italian. After reflection she said, “No, probably not.”

Was the Mamma Mia thing a paid advertisement? I’m getting a little sick of that stuff. I also don’t like all the fart jokes. Tina Fey is hot and it ruins it when she’s constantly talking about farting.

I don’t know, but I’m going to be riding the fart train into work tomorrow.

Mamma Mia is distributed by Universal Studios, a subsidiary of NBC Universal, (a division of Shienhart Wigs), so yeah, probably. 30 Rock does do a pretty good job of dancing around that kind of stuff.

I either did not hear or I did not get the insult that Alan Alda allegedly made about Lemon’s shoes. It was something about suicide and a colt or cult or something like that. What was it?

Edit: I maybe just got it- he was saying she was part of that goofy cult that all wore the same sneakers?

Yeah, the Heaven’s Gate cult.