300 foot slip and slide looks pretty cool! Where can you get one of these?

RE this youtube video - 300ft slip n slide
Is this a kit or just a bunch of plastic sheeting and a hose?

You just need a 300 foot long roll of plastic sheeting. Well, you also need 300 ft. of soft or grass covered ground without any pointy things likes sticks or rocks that would tear the plastic and lots of your skin. A thicker plastic would stand up better to the little pointy things that could easily rip the plastic. 6 mil black plastic sheet should be readily available and affordable, but might not hold up well for long. Vinyl and polyurethane sheet would be much more durable, but also much more expensive, and probably not on the shelf at the local hardware store. The hard part is keeping it wet. I think on Mythbusters they used oil instead of or along with water for lubricant. The SlipNSlide I had when I was a kid in the glorious 60s was made of pretty heavy vinyl and one side was rolled over to form a tube with outlets to direct water over the plastic in a couple of spots. I think you’d want something like 3 or 4 lawn sprinklers directing a spray over the length of it.

The video looks like they probably got 6mil plastic sheeting. You could also Google for pond liners, they’re not cheap but you can get a lot of different dimensions. Especially if you go to sites that sell retention pond liners.

Grand Rapids had a giant water slide going down the big hill downtown. I think it is for sale now. COntact Rob BLiss for details…:stuck_out_tongue:

Talking of slides, here’s the Mythbusters, here’s a self made one of a roof, and here’s a nice commercial.

One of the frats at my college used to set up a slip and slide in their front yard every year. It was great! But they created a landing pool at the bottom of the hill (with hay bales and more plastic), because sliding through grass until you stop is painful and ruinous to clothing.

For most of us, that’s the dealbreaker right there.

Yawn…most boring slip and slide ever…:dubious:

We have a giant banner advertising Tony Orlando at a local casino we put down our hill every summer. It’s huge, and very durable.

PITA to fold up and store, through…

Slip n slides are great for kids.

Adults reliving their childhood sometimes get hurt. We just don’t cope as well flopping down on the ground.

I loved my slip n slide when I was a kid.