300 never-counted votes found! The plot sickens!

Just heard on the news that a box o’ ballots that had never been counted even once was found during the recount today. Pretty amusing.

This is becoming truly comical. (Speaking of which, did anyone see SNL last night? Truly hilarious, especially the Gore speech.)

I have concluded that unless one or the other backs down, there is no way outta this that isn’t going to heave a mind-boggling responsibility in one guy’s lap: the lap of the judge that is going to have to make some kind of decision about what counts and what doesn’t. Sure wouldn’t wanna be him, eh?

Incidentally, I put this in the Great Debates because any discussion of Indecision 2000 becomes a debate, let’s not kid ourselves.


No, let’s not kid ourselves. Many of these threads become outright shouting matches, not debates.

Do not!!!

Personally, I just wish we could not condense the Election threads into a few threads: 1) Electoral college - keep it or not? 2) What do we do with those damn Floridians? 3) Al Gore - why he’s a hypocritical communist who should just give up the fight already; and 4) W - why he’s a hypocritical fascist who should just give up the fight already.

I mean, who has time to wade through all these…?

Too bad the boards can’t do what usenet allows and have splinter threads (yes, I know I’m making terms up, now). I remember when this place first went online, many were complaining that AOL could do it while UBB couldn’t.

Oh, about the OP? I really don’t have a comment about it. I tried to ignore the election stuff this weekend by seeing Charlie’s Angels.

I wish I didn’t see Charlie’s Angels.

Where do you find recent SNL?

No surprise when they all turn out to be for Gore. A thread (who knows which one) mentioned a similar incident last Thursday were 400 ballots were “found” which all (except a token one or two) were for Gore. A few more miracles like this and Gore will win no problem. God must be on his side! :rolleyes:

According to Lieberman, He is.

I just heard that two votes for Bush had found their way to Denmark. A family got them in the mail.

:eek:How can this be possible ?

O.J. did it.

Yeah but, Jesus endorsed Bush

:eek: That’s not even funny! Do realize O.J. votes in Florida? So if the election comes down to one vote, that means the “Simpson Jury” elected our next president. Will those people ever stop screwing things up!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re doomed regardless.

Your scenario has the O.J. jury picking our next president. But for that to happen, Jesse Jackson has to step back and decided that HE won’t make the determination.
I have a suggestion for a new state motto:

Florida – We’re too stupid to vote. Hey! I wanted 23 for the PowerBall!!!

Since God is for Gore and Jesus is for Bush, it’s time we call in the Holy Spirit to break the tie.

Anyone know anything about conjuring up spirits?

11/13: AOL News: Presidential Ballots in Denmark

I tried to link this but was not able to. It’s in the AOL news about Denmark.