3D bluray (or blu-ray with hyphen) - what TV set is optimal?

Background info: I was at a retail store a few days ago. The inventory included 3D blu-ray discs and blu-ray consoles. I am intrigued, but somewhat ignorant of the technology as I have only watched 3D films in theatres with calibrated eye-glasses. I asked multiple personnel about the necessary equipment to have a 3D set-up, and there were mixed answers. I don’t know at this point who was right and who was wrong. Web searches are not yet helping me on this topic.

Do I need a special TV set or not? I already own a Ultra HD 4k TV, but I was given different answers as to whether or not this TV was sufficient for 3D blu-ray.

Is there a TV set that is both 4k and 3D? The verbal answers that I received so far include “no” and “I don’t know”.

What’s the ‘dope’? Thank you graciously for your time.

NOTE: I typed out “bluray” without hyphen to help in searching thread titles. Less than 4 characters per word are problematic in searches if I understand correctly.

You’ll need both a TV and a player capable of 3D (as well as glasses that pair with the TV). Give us the model of your TV, and someone will be able to figure it out.

The TV model is ‘VIZIO 4K Ultra HD 43" M-series’ in case that matters. I still have the original box & manual from late 2015…so, yeah, probably outdated already.

Some blu-ray discs are ‘4K Ultra HD’ and some are ‘3D’ and some are just regular ol’d blu’ray. Are any TVs both ‘3D’ AND ‘4K’?

I have a 3D 4K television, but my 3D blu-ray player is only 1080P. That means I can play normal DVDs and blu-rays, plus 3D blu-rays.

However, 4K blu-ray disks (both normal and 3D) require a compatible blu-ray player. Something like the Xbox One “S” will do it.

There is online 3D 4K content that will play but if you want to play those 4K disks you’ll need the right player.

Consider how little genuine 3D material there is before investing. You should also try to experience it for more than a few seconds as the one we have makes me nauseous after a while.

High definition is great, because a lot of broadcast content (at least here in the UK) is now recorded in HD. We really notice the difference when watching repeats from more than a few years ago.

Your set would be branded as 3D, and most likely you’ll have to buy 3D glasses for it as well. It looks like vizio only has 4 3D models, and they’re all out of stock, so yours almost certainly isn’t 3D.

“DVD 3D” and “YouTube 3D” will display just fine on 4K TVs! (Along with wearing 3D glasses.)

But “3D Blu-Ray DVDs” will refuse to play if your TV is not 3D.

Note the 3D DVDs I’ve bought come with paper 3D glasses. Following is one. Note it says DVD and NOT Blu-Ray!

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure…

3D was kind of a fad that the TV industry was trying to push a few years ago and then pretty much died out. Most modern TVs don’t come with 3D features anymore because it wasn’t that great an experience.

Cool. Thanks to all for the information .