3DMark03, Anyone Else Download It Yet? Scores?

Not sure if this belongs here or in IMHO or MPSIMS.

I just downloaded the new 3DMark03 from Futuremark.com. Boy it is a really intensive program. My score was only a 1609 down from around 13,000 with 3DMark2001. Anyone else try it out yet? What are your scores?

Atholon XP 2000+ (OC to 1.75 GHz)
512 MB PC 2700 Ram
GeForce4 4600 TI 128MB DDR

I’m trying really hard to download it right now with limited sucess. I’m getting it slowly (11.4KB/s) from planetmirror.com. All the other listed sites that I’ve checked are down. Where did you get yours from?