3M 8511 N95 mask or 3M 8210V N95 mask

What is the difference between these two types of masks? Which is best for an adult with a thin face?

What do you need the masks for? Because Googling, both have respirator valves. I don’t think that type is suitable for COVID purposes.

Hmmm… I think you are right… didn’t consider closely

Valved N95s should be OK if you wear another mask over it.

Or tape over the inside of the valve. That’s what I’ve done with my valved N95s.

to me (an on-looker) you would appear to be wearing a mask that protects you but not me. I’d suggest putting tape over the exterior valve as well for clarity sake.

True, although I haven’t had any comments. The button valve would be very difficult to tape over on the outside. Inside is a cinch.

But if you’re buying them new, non-valved is the way to go–cheaper, too.

I agree. My local Trader Joe’s, for one has a sign outside that masks with valves are not allowed. I don’t think it would help to say that you have the inside of the valve taped off.

Thank you for wearing one. I don’t comment on masks where I live cause it could get you punched in the nose or worse.

You got that right! I applaud you-plus big twinkly-eyed smiles from behind my mask.