4 days and no budget in Seattle

I have 4 days off starting tomorrow and The Husband and I don’t know how to spend them. We’re quasi broke (can go out for a waiter-involved lunch or to one mid-priced event, but not both on the same day). We’ve roamed around various beaches, visited the Aquarium, Art Museum, and SciFi/Music thing, and cruised past the Space Needle. We’ve been to Thai Tom’s, the arboretum, and visited Bruce Lee’s grave. Pike’s Market and the Fremont Troll have a fork stuck in them.

We’re out of ideas. I think we might have to go to Tacoma.

Which does have the history museum. I’m not paying money to go to the Glass museum, though.


I’m guessing you have transportation? The tulips are on time this year in Skagit County.

Transport we got.

Tulips, you say. That explains the sudden tulip fascination in the flower stalls at Pike’s last week. Will investigate. Thanks!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The Woodland Park Zoo.

One day a month the glass museum is free

So, I guess that won’t work for you.

If flight is your thing, take the bus to the Boeing museum.

9404 E Marginal Way South
Seattle, WA 98108, United States
(206) 764-5700

And have a pint of wheat ale in the Rock Bottom bar. Food very reasonable and the beer is brewed on site
1333 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States‎ - (206) 623-3070

The art museum was pleasant as well.

And have you found Sylvester the mummy yet?

What about staying in bed and having lots of sex? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Can you afford a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island? The Bloedel Reserve might be worth checking out.

If you have a car, drive East about 45 minutes to Snoqualmie Falls. It’s beautiful (and also the area where they filmed “Twin Peaks”).

Drive a little further and you’ll get to Rosyln where they filmed “Northern Exposure”. The town hasn’t changed one bit.

By the way, it’s not Pike’s Market, it’s Pike Place Market. Now you’ll sound like a local.

Really? I’ve never lived somewhere where the locals refer to some famous feature by its entire name. Good to know. Now, if I can just convince the husband to put on a Mariner’s jacket, we’ll be set.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

Also, Quartz: the advantage of not spending these days off in Vancouver is free access to our California King in the evenings. :wink:

As a resident of the “other side of the state” (and assuming that weather will not be an issue - though I’ve seen references to a storm moving into the Seattle area today - Saturday) I would venture off to Snoqualmie Pass and then venture off further east along I-90 and then either continue along I-90 to Vantage and then south along SR-243 or take I-82 into the Yakima Valley.

You didn’t say where you are from but you may not be aware that eastern Washington is a desert with its own unique landscape! The drive along SR-243 and SR-240 will take you through the Hanford area. Think moonscape type settings!

Forgot about the Boeing museum. And will have to check out Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. Thanks! Beer isn’t really our thing, but will keep Rock Bottom in mind the next time we have folks visiting.

We’ll see how the weather goes for both here, Snoqualmie Falls, and points east. The hail is still melting off the sidewalk.

Waterman: We’ve made the drive out to Pascoe before. It was… distinct. :slight_smile:

We happened to walk into the Bellevue location by chance on the day they were celebrating the premier of a new line of micros. $1 micro pints all day long. I’d have stayed all night if I was with other beer drinkers. :slight_smile:

This is never a bad idea.