4 (four!!) Ducolax at once-colonoscopy prep-can that be safe??

Supposed to take them all at noon today. Then the “poop juice” later. The ducolax scare me tho’. Mom gave me 2 some years ago and I was a mess and I can’t imagine 4! Anyone done the prep this way?? FOUR!!

The recommended dosages for meds (esp OTC ones) are for every day use. Surgeries are more extreme situations and thus often have more absurd seeming dosages, especially with something like a colonoscopy where they likely need it to be as clear as possible for it to go smoothly.

Not that bad, corrupt, or compromised doctors don’t exist, maybe your doctor is a shill for Dulcolax to get that sweet pharma money, but I’d follow their instructions unless we have a doctor familiar with the procedure here saying you’re gonna die. Even if the instructions are a bit extreme, it’s probably more likely to be unpleasant than dangerous or fatal, that’d be a serious malpractice case. Doctors under the thumb of the pharma industry are gonna give you some bad/useless/possibly addictive meds, not kill you immediately and outright.

Just stay close to home.

I imagine Quagdop will stop by soon, but in the meantime I suspect there is some extenuating circumstance related to your procedure. Might you be overweight/obese? Other GI tract issues involved? Must be something else going on there…

For “home”, read “bathroom”.

A little over weight, but they haven’t seen me since the last one, nor did they ask, it’s just my routine every 10 years.

Sounds exactly like my colonoscopy prep, which was the same one my doctor gave to everyone. 4 Ducolax followed by a whole bottle of Miralax mixed with Gatorade.

It doesn’t seem unusual to me. The Ducolax is a stool softener, it softens things up for the laxative.

it’s safe

Yeah, you don’t want to leave home after you take them. Also, that miralax stuff is Nas—ty!!! Good luck.

I start mine tomorrow. I was going to cheat and just take 2. Last time I had one All I used was the liquid with no stool softner.

Those who do not follow the prep instructions run a greater risk of Code Brown and need for repeat prep/procedure.

Wait, wait, Gatorade?? Is that OK?? Can I use a clear flavored water like Propel??

Yes, Clear liquids are usually allowed (no red colored ones though). I used a few sips of sparkling apple cider as a “chaser” after each cup of liquid prep. It got the prep taste out of my mouth, and I had less nausea. Got the bottle of prep down and was “clean and shiny” inside!

I drink flavored vitamin water, it has some light color to it, I wonder if it would be ok?

As it happens, I’m sitting at hope today because my first colonoscopy is tomorrow. The prep involves two bottles of six ounces each, to be mixed with Gatorade to make sixteen ounces. I drink one tonight after 6pm and another tomorrow morning, before the procedure scheduled for early afternoon. The doctor didn’t mention anything about taking any other laxatives, so obviously instructions vary.

(BTW, I’m trying not to think about food.)

IIRC- if you can see through it, it should be okay.

Just do what they tell you. You don’t want to have to do this twice. I saw someone get turned away after admittance because they blew off the prep.

I see what you did there.

If you think the Dulcolax keeps you runnin’, wait until you start drinking the prep. The Dulcolax is to get all that peristalsis started, so you have room for the prep in the first place.

Take the prep seriously. You don’t want to have to repeat it because you were inadequately cleaned out.

What color is it? Make sure it doesn’t have red dye in it.