4 hours in SF - offbeat things to do?

Hi. I’m pretty familiar with the city as it was ~10 years ago, and so I don’t need to ride the cable cars or go to Alcatraz. I will have a free afternoon by myself there next week, and I’m wondering if there is anything recent and quirky that should attract my attention.

My default plan is: Caffe Trieste and William Stout architectural bookstore, possibly City Lights. Maybe the Pied Piper bar or Tadich Grill.

Any other ideas in this genre that I may not be aware of?

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record where this sort of post is concerned: Tommy’s Joynt.

You’ve certainly been to the Cliff House, but have you seen the Giant Camera there?

Will you have a car? If so drive or hop on muni and go to Green Apple Books . Its the best bookstore in SF.

The Exploratorium is quite cool.

Not only that, but you can get some great (and very cheap) Chinese food nearby on Clement. In my opinion, the Chinese food out there is better than most of the places in Chinatown.

There’s a little place, on Clement sort of kitty corner to Green Apple, and i think it’s called Taiwan. Awesome food, really cheap.

Can you get to the Folsom Street Fair this weekend? It is very weird and quite queer, but you don’t have to be weird or queer to enjoy the spectacle.