4 Out of 5 Scientists Prefer "Blade Runner"

Well, a majority, anyway.

I wouldn’t say that it’s a better film than 2001, but they’re certainly very close.

Personally, I’d choose Aliens over any of the films cited in the article, though Blade Runner (which the article keeps wrongly calling “Bladerunner”) would be up there, somewhere.

“Blade Runner” is a turn-off to anyone not of a Liberal/Leftist bent. Since the latter usually dominate awards committees, that’s probably why it won. To a Rightist, “The Omega Man” is much more pleasing. “Alien” is, probably, politically pretty neutral and a good compromise choice.

I love 'em both, but I’d probably put 2001 in first place. B.R. is a close second, though.

Possibly, but it wasn’t my choice. I’d’ve chosen the sequel, Aliens. Unlike a lot of namby-pamby movies in which the aliens are show to be simply misunderstood, the humans (one of whom is, in fact, evil) speak casually of wiping them all out. Woo-hoo!

:confused: OK, Blade Runner has exploited robots rebelling against the evil corporation that made them, I can see how that could be considered “leftist.” But why would it be a “turn-off” to non-leftists? And what is there in The Omega Man that would appeal to a rightist? I mean, are right-wingers really concerned about the world being overrun by vampires?

Are you kidding? It’s got Chuck “Let my people shoot” Heston in it.

I guess I’m gonna have to watch Aliens again. I recall being underwhelmed by it, but it has been a while.

Blade Runner is one of my favorites, too. Ford is hard to watch, but it’s worth it to see Hauer’s performance.

Blade Runner was anti-big-evil corporations (as you pointed out), also warned of environmental catastrophe, and, finally, took the point of view that the androids deserved the same rights as humans. In Omega Man, remember, the mutants were spouting leftist and anti-science slogans. Plus, it was, basically “give me a gun and I can handle anything”.

Hmmm. Was Planet of the Apes anywhere on the list? Y’know, it was an awfully lefty movie for the likes of Chuck “get-your-stinkin’-paws-off-me-you-damned-dirty-ape” Heston. I mean, it was a giant Civil Rights allegory with an anti-nuke message tacked on the end. Barring a few egregious acts of thespianism on Chuckie’s part, it wasn’t a terribly bad flick, and I’d think it would appeal to most pinko-types.

This was a poll of scientists (who are more politically neutral than their academic brethren in the humanities), not Democrats. Politics have nothing to do with this. I’m not suprrised Balde Runner won, it’s near the top of everybody’s list. The science and futurism is good enough to not bother scientists, deep enough to engage themand unlike 2001 is action packed (Star Wars and ESB were numbers 3 and 4), giving it the edge. I’d have to agree with my scientist brethren)

Omerga Man? You’re kidding, right? This is the Top Ten Sci-Fi movies, not guilty pleasures from the '70’s. Plus the uninfected kids were young radicals, the virus a runaway bioweapon, and the vamps a parody of religion, not communism. It’s a left-wing film. :wink:

PS: Soilent Green was another left-leaning Heston affair, warning of environmnetal disaster and corporate greed.

Right on!

I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Even with all of it’s flaws, AFAIAK, nothing comes even close. I still watch it 2-3 times a year, and see something new each time.

Not that there aren’t a lotta good movies out there, but Blade Runner is the best.

I beg to differ. It seems to me that “Alien” and “Blade Runner” both have the evil mega-corporation as the crook behind the scenes. Of course, we’re not shown what life on Earth is like in “Alien”, but it seems a fair guess that it’s not exactly idyllic, what with Wyland-Yutani running things and considering the Alien as just the thing for the bioweapons division.

The list seems pretty OK, to me, but I think I’d scratch “War of the Worlds” - although, admittedly, I have no other candidate to take its place. Although I truly like “Aliens” as the very well-made old-fashioned action flick it is, I don’t think it has enough in the way of originality to deserve a top 10 slot.

“12 Monkeys” might be a worthwhile addition ?

The best science fiction movie is still - hands down - Star Wars (all the episodes by the way).
As for the movies mentioned here, the ranking is: The Omega Man, Blade Runner, Aliens, Alien and then after digging long and hard, I was able to find 2001 on the bottom of the trash can (overrated, overrated, overrated!).

So it seems the majority of scientists are wrong :cool:

Really? It has been a while since I have seen it, but I don’t remember much about politics from the movie. There was some in the book (more of a touchy-feely “earth-mother” type) but not so much to be a big turn-off.

Left-wingers are always trying to suck away the life-blood of our beloved industrialists.

Is it just me, or is viewing the choice poll through the ‘this choice is political’ the stupidest goddamn thing ever.
Personally I prefer Blade Runner to 2001. 2001 is a bit on the boring side. However two of my favorites don’t seem to make the list. Gattaca and Close Encounters.

And where the heck is Ice Pirates?

CE3K is on there. My eyes just kind of glazed over.

SEE? I told you scientists were cool! :cool:

Bladerunner is in my top ten, but certainly not “The Best SF Film Ever Made”. And I’m a scientist (although not British).

2001 and Forbidden Planet alternate for that spot in my mind.

YMMV. De Gustibs non disputandem est and all that.
But, much as I love Star Wars, it’s fantasy, not SF.