4 people killed by lightning this week in Madison

I can’t recall this kind of casualty rate before. The storms have been real nasty around here.

To be fair, one bolt scored the trifecta. It hit a utility pole and dropped a live power line into standing water, which electrocuted 6 people standing in the water waiting for a bus. 3 of them died.

The other person was just an idiot golfer, out golfing in the rain and then taking shelter under a tree. Darwin at work.

It’s been a weird, weird summer in Wisconsin this year. Lightning deaths, flooding, near-drought, disappearing women, multiple homicides . . . It’s not just that I’ve been watching the news twice a night, is it? This is way out of the usual, right?

We had two separate lightening house fires in Portage yesterday. The stupid Fox river is over the banks again.

One of the people that died with the downed power line, went there to help the people sizzling. One of those “Dooh!” moments.

As for weird we have those two loonies in the jail for tax evasion, and filing false liens against many people. We had that terrible murder child abuse deal. The finished sentencing an illegal immigrant for sex with a minor. Another immigrant drove drunk and killed another immigrant.

Well, we seem to have started a new tradition of disappearing women. There have been three in the last few years – two were found having basically walked away from their lives, but the third and most recent was found murdered. Still unsolved, AFAIK. But the police must have some inside info – they found her after searching a wooded area in the middle of nowhere – there must have been a tip.

There was a thread about that in GQ a while back. The police used cell phone signals to find her body and there was some curiosity about searching the property where she was found without the permission of the owner.

At least I haven’t heard about somebody keeping their mother in a freezer this year.

There’s been a loose kangaroo again this year, but I don’t want to count it with the other’s because this one had an owner looking for it. It got loose outside the vet’s office.

Madison had a monkey attack about a month ago.

No Ed Gein or Jeffery Dahmer stuff in the news. Thank God.

I hope the Mung and other people conflicts don’t get out of control again. First that Mung hunter shot and killed all those people. Last year a person shot and killed a Mung that he says attacked him. His story is believable, but the trial will hash out if it’s right.

Harmonious Discord, it’s Hmong when you’re talking about people, and mung when you’re talking about beans. Just a heads up – I know my Hmong friends don’t like being compared to produce.

Then only 3 of them were electrocuted. :wink:

Oh, never mind… whoosh on me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me about it. That damn diaper monkey knocked me right out of the fluff-news headlines. :wink:

God Damn. I’m total relaxed and there is no noise. then a close lightening strike gives me a heart attack. Shit!

Taking shelter under a tree may not be the best choice of action. Especially ifit is a tall tree, or the tallest thing around.

I think that’s why he calls him an idiot, and refers to Darwin.

“But since it’s just raining a little bit and the lightening doesn’t look all that close, if I just stand here for a short time, then if the tree gets struck, I’ll die only for just a passing moment…”

I knew a very bright college administrator who died on the golf couse under a tree. He had to have known better. It’s more likely that he just convinced himself that it wouldn’t happen to him.

In other odd Wisconsin news: There’s this guy who lives in Madison (and is rumored to be a Doper) who won some kind of big deal bad writing contest recently. :wink:

Sorry the monkey abbreviated your 15 minutes of fame, Boyo Jim.


Let’s not forget the two men get OWIs for driving the same truck story and the lawyer gets surprise gift story.

Summer seems to bring out the weirdos.

Okay, that’s bad and all, but this story just…hit me like a bolt of lightning:

Jesus H., people, the stuff that zaps out of the sky is “lightning”.

“Lightening” is what your lamps are doing to your room, what spending too much cash is doing to your wallet, or your uterus is doing in the third trimester.

[/cranky for no apparent reason]