40 days of starvation. Special diet to recover?

Several of the Naked and Afraid participants survived the 40 day challenge.

They were basically starving because they would go for days pretty much not eating at all and only occasionally would they catch an animal and really have some food.

When they were finally picked up, the boat seem to have different kinds of food for them including what appeared to be junk food like potato chips.

After this kind of ordeal, doesn’t your body need a somewhat special diet to readjust to normal eating?

Don’t have a full answer but the peanut based plumpy’nut (and off-brand equivalents) has been used to treat severe acute malnutrition, the peanuts providing a decent mix of carbs, fats, fiber etc.

There is a definite different between occasional food and really not eating anything at all for an extended period of time. I believe you may be thinking of refeeding syndrome..

if they had really undergone such an ordeal, yes. but this is a TV show, so you’d best assume that what they showed you isn’t actually what happened. “Reality TV” has as much to do with reality as Taylor Swift has to do with death metal.

This re-feeding syndrome is explained well in this video, Here

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