400th Post Banquet!

My 400th post!
Now, I realize that this doesn’t warrant any lap dances or mindless debauchery (I’m waiting for 500 for that)…as a matter of fact, in the grand banquet of life, this is really small potatoes (no offense, tatertot :D).
But this did get me thinking: based on post counts/content/screen names, etc., who would be what at this banquet? Who would be the main course? Byzantine? Ayesha? Eve? Who would be the potatoes? The salad? Nacho4Sara is obvious, as are SueP Du Jour and Uncle Beer…but would CrunchyFrog be an appetizer? Manhattan clam chowder? Is DRY toast? Concrete a vegetable?
I would consider AudreyK (my all-time favorite doper {{{Audge}}}) my little muffin, on her own special plate (and I could spread butter all over her later :p:)).
…and Diane and jjjfishe could be dessert.

Who am I missing?

Well that’s just fine! I was ready to celebrate but I guess some of us aren’t welcome.


Who wanted to go to somethign called a POOpah banquet anyway…

dessert?..perhaps strawberry shortcake or a hot fudge sundae.
HAPPY 400th Poopah!!!

Let’s not forget chicken…or turkey…how about buffalo wings (I know they’re made of chicken but my tastebuds insist they’re different; I need to visit some better bars).

I see that I have passed 500 posts without even noticing. I wonder what that says about me…

Happy 400th! But only put 4 candles on the cake, Ok?
We’re behind in the fire insurance payment.


Don’t get all choked up, darlin’, you are welcome to celebrate at MY table anytime you want. Especially if it rains!

Well, poohpah, I wasn’t invited either, but happy 400 anyway!

(Pssst! AudreyK, think you can sneak dpr and me in the back door so we can spike the clam chowder? :slight_smile: }

::stuffs herself in Scottimom’s purse so as to sneak into the party::

[sub]pssst! Happy 400![/sub]

I’d like to bestow the gift of a lap dance, upon this, your 400th— what?

::re-reads OP::

Oh, ok, nevermind.

Happy 400 anyway :wink:

Ooh, now that sounds like fun! I can’t wait! :smiley:

Happy four hundred posts to you, dear! {{{poohpah chalupa}}} You’re one reason I’m glad I spend too much time here. :slight_smile:

::unlocks back door for Scotti and dpr::

Don’t forget tiggerdaughter, she’s in my purse, remember?

(Not that I’m complaining, but have you ever tried to sneak into ANYWHERE with your daughter in your purse?)

Now we just have to figure out what to spike that clam chowder with!


::holds door open so Scotti can get her purse through the door; whispers a hello to tiggerdaughter::
Hmmm, something clear would be better, huh? Vodka?

::walks in with bottle of Absolut::


KKBattousai! Absolut! Yay!

poohpah, hon, the mindless debauchery is about to begin! Consider it practice for 500. :slight_smile:

You invoked the spirit of “DRY” (ie, you invited me.) Therefore, I’m here.

Congratulations on your 400th post!

Am I toast? No, but a certain poster IS, if he thinks he can trade Shakespearean barbs with me in the Rosebud’s thread.

Hey, speaking of Rosebud:

I’ll take the lap dance! (Sheesh, I spent hours studying Shakespeare so I could properly do you homage in that thread.)

…errr, it really wasn’t my intention of leaving anyone out…'course everyone’s invited! C’mon in!
[sub]I gotta say,though, there’s something funny about this chowder…[/sub]

Thanks to those who posted best wishes! I’m starting to feel at home here…

Audge, special thanks for inspiring my new thread!

…now, where did I put that butter…

dammit, I’m all worked up over the misplaced butter…
that would be “…inspiring my new sig.”

That’s just the aftertaste of the butter, dear. ::wink::

[sub]::hopes Scotti and dpr hid the empty bottles::[/sub]

Yay, I made poohpah’s sig! :slight_smile:

Of COURSE we hid the empty bottles, honey, not that anyone would notice anyway, what with all of this drunken debauchery going on!

However, now that we are here legal and all, please don’t divulge the…err… IMPROVEMENTS we made in the chowder, okay?

We don’t want to get kicked out just as the party is starting to heat up!

Scottimom and accomplices

Gotcha, Scotti! :slight_smile:

[sub]Meanwhile, I’ll pass on the chowder, thanks…[/sub]

I’ll take some of those buffalo wings :smiley: and the buffalo fins too! Post on noble poohpah chalupa!