40th Birthday Party Ideas

As some of you may know, my husband’s 40th birthday is creeping up (I’m the one who’s trying to get Dan Marino to sign a birthday card or some such thing – yup, that’s me).

We don’t have a lot of money, but I definitely have some funds dedicated to the event. Any ideas out there? My husband loves (of course) the Dolphins and also golf. I will probably have a party at our house but would like to come up with some cool themes. He is getting older (he he) so I am more geared for events for the elderly.

Any suggestions?

First you look at your budget and how many you plan on attending. Does he have a favorit golf movie such as Caddy Shack?

you can help show everyone the theme by the invite. Ask them to dress as if they were golfing. Loud shorts ect

I would put out buffet and stagger different heights under some grass. If this is to much than some green cloth will do fine. I would two tables it I could if not than one. Chose from either goodies for after dinner or before dinner snacks. I would spirinkle golf tee’s and lay across the table his clubs. You mat also be able to place piller candles in golf buckets.

I would use the table center as gulf bucket or perhaps make clear candle so that you could see tees in it and some silk or dried plants.

You should be able to go to cake docorating center and get some molds with your theme. Perhaps little people playing golf. I know I have seem candy molds if not cake pans. Go for the molds the candy mold not much money but you can use it over and over. I would either just sever them as candy or use them to top cakes.

I would use plaid alot. Go to fabric shop and see if there is anything fun. You should be able to make a quick talbe runner with either plaid and use a green table cloth or perhaps even be luckier and find a themed fabric.

Use pic of him golfing. See what friends of his have anything such as pictures or they might have old clubs, bags ect that you can set up around the house.
See if you can get some small trees.

for place cards or menu use a golf card. You can scan it in and use as a back ground or perhaps just make something that looks like it and fill in the info.

let me know it you need something more clear