420 Friendly

While I know that 420 friendly is a reference to smoking marijuana. I can’t find that the C man has ever addressed in an article where the term originated. I also did a search on the message board but it seems it won’t let me search a vague term like 420.

I have read that it is in reference to a police code but that was debunked. Also, wiki says it references a time kids used to get together after school to smoke. While that one may be true. I am counting on you brilliant folks or Cecil himself to find the correct answer. Or at least link me to where it has previously been asked and answered.

Happy Father’s Day to the Doper Dad’s. Pun intended.

Everything you need to know about the term “420”:



I always assumed it had something to do with Hitler’s birthday. Whenever I think of da herb, I usually associate it with megalomaniacal Germans :smiley:

That wikipedia story sounds on the cusp of the implausible, even with Snopes reporting. This is such a common term that it couldn’t have *simply *originated with this clique. It seems to me that it would have become popularized by High Times in that 1998 article wikipedia cites. Is there any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that it was used before then in a wide area?

Thanks. I am not big on trusting wikipedia but if snopes concurs, that seems to be the answer I was seeking.

Every new term originates with a small group of people. That is simply the way language works.

This article from the Huffington Post (which the wiki article also links to) backs up the theory that it started with “the Waldos” (the high school kids in San Rafael), and suggests that it was probably picked up directly from them by members of the Grateful Dead, whence it spread throughout the Deadhead community: