4400 Season premiere (open spoilers)

No spoilers in the op.

So, did anyone else see this? I thought it was a pretty good episode all together, but that it was too jumpy. I guess Isabelle is supposed to be the 4400s new weapon (we all ready know she can make people kill each other, and now she’s almost invincible too). I would have liked to see Isabelle as a younger child with powers and being helped by Lily and Richard, instead of the angle that the show went with, but this should be interesting. Too bad they didn’t keep Lily around though. Did they say that Lily gained a year every time Isabelle did? So Isabelle is supposed to be forty years old?

I wonder how the center will react when they find out Shawn has been working with Intech (is that what it’s called?) This might be the beginning of the end for him running the 4400 center. Hopefully Jordan will be back soon.

I thought it was a little slow for a 2 hour episode, I was hoping for some grand event that really set things in motion so we can figure out what exactly the 4400 are needed for. I was sad to se Lily go and hope it’s not permanent but not sure how you can come back from being dead (maybe that’s her skill?!?!).

I never liked Isabelle but she’s pretty cool now, though hopefully won’t be swayed to the dark side. If she does, hopefully Shawn will bring her back. I was also confused on the aging thing, if Lily was 28 or so, and ended up being 70 or 80, that makes Isabelle like 40 or 50.

Also, why didn’t they bring Jordan in (well other than showing his picture)? He was in the previews from last season. Guess we’ll have to wait.

Apparently, the Dorian Gray-like power that Isabelle has isn’t 100% efficient. It would seem she sucked away at least 2 years of Lily’s life for every year she gained. I don’t see that it’s any kind of a plot problem.

I think the biggest challenge of a show like this is that they’ve been keeping a Big Secret (i.e., why the 4400 were taken and have come back). No matter what the Big Secret turns out to be, the choice the writers make will undoubtedly disappoint a lot of people who have their own ideas on what the Big Secret should be.

All in all, I thought it was pretty enjoyable. It did meander a bit, but that worked for me. They’re doing a good job of keeping the audience a little off balance. There are plenty of characters who aren’t easily pegged as “good guy” or “bad guy” – a lot of it depends on the person’s point of view. It’s nice to see shades of gray, and those shades help keep the Big Secret from becoming too obvious.

Am I crazy, or didn’t the season one finale pretty much tell who us who took them and why? And to sort of “prive” that, they did have a few episodes that dealt with it:

One episode had a man get enhanced reflexes, speed, and strength and he cleaned up a decaying, crime-infested park. He died doing so, but the park was dedicaged to him and it seemed like it was he purpose to make that little place of the world safe.
The mental hospital episode had the girl working to free the professor from his affliction, so he could helo the 4400 (which he did by identifying the drug they were getting and making something to neutralize it.)
Even the most recent episode had the “terror group” turning a desert into a field of wheat, which seems like it might be even more in line with the gials of the future (save the world.)

I also liked that they brought back -and gave purpose to- certain 4400s who, when introduced last year, seemed like FotWs with no connection to any larger story arc.

You’re not crazy; it did. However, they can go two ways with this:

1. The secret as revealed is a lie.or perhaps:2. The secret is true, but those who sent back the 4400 are a Machiavellian bunch whose brutal agenda (think of all the lost lives, both 4400 and mortal) may lead many to question whether saving the future for them is worth sacrificing the things we value in the present. The second way, at least right now, seems to be where they’re going, but who knows? Right now, I’m enjoying the grey areas.

I thought the episode was kinda jumpy and all over the place. It’s like a lot of changes were made over the break and now they’re stumbling just a bit trying to find their footing.

By the end, it occurred to me the whole show is looking an awful lot like a rip-off of the whole X-men mutant thing. We’ve got bad mutants. We’ve got good mutants. We’ve got the government cracking down on the mutant menace. We’ve got a society that fears & hates the mutants. About the only thing missing is giant robot Sentinels chasing them around.

I’m guessing Laura Allen simply didn’t want to do the show anymore, but I can’t say I’ll miss her. The further we got into last season, the more of a whiney psychobitch she became. If she wasn’t going to return to the character we saw early on, then I glad she’s gone.

One thing that really ticked me off – I try and avoid previews as much as possible, as I find they’re so spoiler-filled anymore. But while fast-forwarding through the “coming this season” montage they put on before the show, you could clearly see several scenes featuring Isabelle. This ruined any of the suspense around the whole “will she kill herself or not” theme.

I finally caught the replay yesterday on USA. I was sad to see Lily go. I thought she and Richard were very good together.

I might have missed part of it. Matthew slapped Isabelle, and told her she was a fool for trying to kill herself. Then he sat her down to explain to her what she was and what she meant for the world. Did they ever show the explanation?

I get the feeling Isabelle might be in her early 20s, but she’s still very child-like. She was asking Sean questions a ten year old might ask of her older brother.

Weyoun is very creepy with his promicin injections. The way he showed off his scarred and bleeding chest to Skouris, like he was proud of it, was just bizarre.

If Wesley (the Vietnam vet returnee) had been dead for three weeks, who was it that called NTAC and warned them?

It is turning out to be a bit X-Men, but I like it. The terrorist attack turning out to be a wheat field growing in the desert was an excellent twist.

I watched on and off last season, so I didn’t see her turn into a psychobitch. If they mad that big of a change to her character, then I guess it’s for the best.

Nope, that’ll probably be revealed this season.


I liked that part too. I think more people will feel the way Baldwin does (that the 4400 are showing that they can change the world whenever they want to), than looking at it as a gift.