441 Front Pages from 46 Countries

This is so cool: you can see scans of newspaper front pages from across the globe!

Well, I think it’s cool. :slight_smile:

Countries or counties? I’m only seeing US ones.

Countries, with an “r.” From that main page, click either “List by Region” or “Map View.”

Don’t be afraid to venture beyond the page that was linked to. :wink:

This is cool!

Now I can get more regionalized bad news from all over the globe.

Very interesting site…albeit with rather strange selections. From the UK, they’ve got the Telegraph, the Mirror, the Guardian and an Arabic paper. Fair enough.

But the other two are the Lancashire Evening Post, and the Shields Gazette - current headline: “Playtime Peril - Pupils Banned from Unsafe School Field”. :dubious:

Well, their choices for israel – Ma’ariv and Yedioth Aharonoth – make perfect sense.
I would have liked to see Ha’Aretz too, but, realisticly, its circulation just doesn’t merit it…
I am kind of surprised they didn’t put in the Jerusalem Post, however (it’s our only English-language daily newspaper. Pitiful circulation, though, so I guess it didn’t pass muster, either)

It is cool… Too bad the choice they have for Puerto Rico is not the best one. sigh

One guess it could be worse, they could have put the one that shows black and white pics of murdered people or mugshots of the accused…

Ha, I was about to snottily observe that Puerto Rico is the only place represented in the Caribbean. But was trumped by the realisation they’ve only got one paper for Africa.

From the “About/Contact” page:

I didn’t realize that it was an exhibit; I thought it was just a feature on the museum’s website. I learned about it from a 3-sentence mention in the current issue of Rolling Stone. :slight_smile: