45% of San Antonio public school students missed school yesterday


In brief: Some anonymous dipshit made some vague threats towards a random elementary school in the SA area, threats which the police and FBI have deemed a hoax, this threat scheduled to occur yesterday.

In response, almost 50% of public elementary school kids were absent yesterday, which cost the local school districts approximately $1.3 million in state funding.

Is this a rational response? Or were many people taking advantage of the timing of this and giving themselves a four-day vacation*?

What would you have done - sent your kid to school, or keep them at home?

*Today is the “Battle of the Flowers” parade and the city shuts down. Government, businesses, schools, even the Post Office is closed today for the two-week, city-wide party called Fiesta.

No, but parents often react irrationally when they perceive (rightly or wrongly) a threat to their children.

At my daughter’s school, the principal was very clear: You WILL attend school (yesterday) or you will NOT participate in the various dances scheduled this weekend (excused absences excepted.)

And… 98% of the kids made it to school.

Not just often. Parents are surprisingly stupid when it comes to perceived vs actual risks.

Is that the case for any unexcused absence? Kind of shitty to drop a surprise policy like that on everyone at the last minute.

Well, this story broke this past Sunday and the rumors were flying on Monday, so yes, she reiterated the standard policy.