450 Christian Churches Celebrate Darwin's Birthday

450 Christian Churches Celebrate Darwin’s Birthday in order to make a point about science and religion. I’m curious what you all think, without getting into a debate about it. It seems to me that most people understand that science and religion - evolution and Christianity, in this case - can be compatable, though some disagree on both sides of course. Bu was this a wise move on the churches’ part? Was it a necessary move? Does it change your mind at all, whatever your position is?

What do you think? Again, this is intended more in the nature of a poll than a debate.

A little bit of me wants religion and science to clash, so that someday religion can be done away with, but there’s hardly a more unrealistic goal than that. Plus, it might be science that gets done away with.

The rest of me is happy to see science and religion co-existing. Better facts+non-facts than just non-facts.

My own church has mentioned things similar to this in some of their sermons. They don’t believe religion should be taught in science class. Inteligent design is, of course, simply a way to sneak evolution into science class.

I’d support something like this. Just as the, "God is not a Republican or a Democrat…"I think it is important to show other people that many churches aren’t like they see on tv.

This is an insult to the world’s Jehovah Witnesses and their 6 million preachers who believe that God has forbiden the celebration of birthdays. I suppose we could overlook that since it looks like they aren’t gonna get violent about it.