450 sheep jump to their deaths in Turkey

Not to take away from the tragdey in London, but something interesting for us:

450 Sheep

Was their leader named “Harold”, perchance?

How did they count them without falling asleep?

Leemur sheep!

Methinks you perhaps meant “Lemming sheep”. Although lemur sheep would be amusing for other reasons.

Damn long fingered sheep. :smack:

You’ll pay for that.


I guess they got news that the sheppard was coming back to work.

Guess they shouldn’t have put the fence right there… :smiley:

The sheep were wasted, eh? Why did they let the sheep get drunk in the first place?

“Sheep lie.”

And what’s so funny about lemur sheep?

I’m just picturing sheep with large eyes, opposable thumbs, long tails (are theirs prehensile?) and interesting markings swinging from tree-to-tree. It’s probably just me.

The probably got the message to “please sheep asap.”

Add the “B-A-A-A-A” and I think you’ve got something there. :slight_smile:

Notice how they don’t fly so much as plummet.


I remember that thread.

Get me rewrite!

1500 sheep plunged off a Turkish cliff earlier this week, leaving 450 dead and hundreds more injured, in what authorities characterized as a suicide attempt motivated by “shear boredom.”

Villagers lambasted the shepherds charged with watching the flock, saying that their vigilance was relaxed when they all went to breakfast. Nevsat Bayhan, one of those so criticized, bristled at the accusation. “I know what I’m doing,” Bayhan said, holding up his sheepskin from the University of Ankara. “No one could have foreseen this tragedy. In the lambent light of the early morning, we couldn’t even see what was happening until it was too late. But” – he added sheepishly, stroking his muttonchop whiskers – “It might have been better to rotate our breakfast breaks.”

None of the surviving sheep agreed to be interviewed, citing baa-a-a-ashfulness as an excuse. When assured that this was a serious article rather than a satire, they scattered. Perhaps we shouldn’t have used the word “lampoon.”

“As God is my witness, I thought sheep could fly.”

And now for something completely different.

I don’t get this. How are they wasted? Can’t they still shear them, at least?