$46.34 [amounts spent on political advertising]


There is an interesting website that shows how much money was spent in each state on political advertising - just for the Presidential Election (not Senate, etc.). This list is from May 1 to Nov 1. (It is interactive, so go ahead and see what was spent in your state - if anything…)

I added up what has been spent by both parties so far in Nevada (a little over $58 million), divided by the total number of ALL registered voters (1,257,621), and it looks like they have spent $46.34 on each voter in Nevada.
There are still a couple days left until the election, so perhaps they will reach the $50 mark by Tuesday?

I wish they had just sent me the check for 50 bucks and saved me the agony of having to watch all of this in the swing state of Nevada. Actually, if I divide it up after the fact by the number of actual voters, I might be getting a bigger cut of the pie!

It’s only battleground states. I live in CA, and am feeling neglected. :slight_smile:

Nothing in NY either. Although we are getting a few McMahon ads. Apparently she’s created 500 good jobs in Connecticut. If you don’t mind getting hit by a chair.

I reckon that for the $46.34 they’ve spent on me so far, I’ve had to do about $313.87 worth of work collecting and discarding mailings and literature that was placed on my doorstep.

And for the record, in case someone involved in a campaign is ever gonna read this, none of it did any candidate or cause a lick of good; the money was wasted except to justify some jackass’s phony baloney job. Now give the electorate a harumph and watch your ass.

$9.45 here in Ohio. We’re a bargain!

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Brothers and sisters, pals and gals, there is a bright prospect a-borning! What if money doesn’t work any more? The tighty righty check writers have shoveled a metric buttload of money into this. What if it doesn’t work? Then what?

Then they will get the clear message that a) they didn’t spend enough and possibly b) their candidate wasn’t conservative enough, and they will adjust their strategy accordingly for the next elections.

Well, thank you, Mr. Sunshine!


Hey, I didn’t make this world; I just live on it.

Here in the west SFV of LA, you’d be treated to a vicious fight between 2 Democrats for one Congressional seat. Both long term incumbents, one whose district effectively disappeared due to redistricting to increase Latino representation.
Vitriolic direct mail campaign with a new piece almost every day, and a debate at the local junior college that almost got physical.

What’s odd is, these 2 Democrats are basically the same guy, with the same politics. One’s just a half a generation older than the other. So it’s almost like a bitter family fight.