46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned

Not sure where this would go, I’ll post it here for starters. A thread about a poll that says that 46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned was closed by tomndebb, who basically said “repost when someone has something to say about it”, and someone on another board pointed out some relevant information. Now, several people including Miller said they found that poll implausible. However, Alabama only officially legalized interracial marriage in 2001, with a 60/40 vote. That’s 40% opposed to interracial marriage as recently as 2001, even if in another state. I think that serves as evidence that the poll isn’t implausible at all.

Sometimes, going to the South is like going back in time

I have to think that the only people who could find this poll implausible are the ones who have never spent any time in the South. By my lights, it sounds about right.

The reason my family’s in California is because my Great Grandfather on my dad’s side emigrated here. When my older brother asked him why he moved all the way here from Mississippi he said, “Because they were hanging people there.”

So yeah, not surprised.

It’s too bad the other thread was closed. There’s some good discussion there, and it’s a little silly that now the discussion will be broken up into two parts.

But anyway, here’s a PDF of the actual polling results.

Of interest, perhaps:

The actual wording of the question was:

Surprisingly straightforward; I guess I naively assumed that people would be somewhat unwilling to express openly racist attitudes to the poll-taker, so I expected the question to be a little more round-about than that.

Edit: The furthest south I’ve ever lived is Zanesville, Ohio.

That low? Figured it would be above 50% for sure.

It probably is higher. That poll only reflects the ones telling the truth. For southern white conservatives, I’d guess the number is closer to 70%. At least it was when last I lived there (mid 80’s).

Is it legal to ban it? I mean, would the State Supreme court allow a banning of it? Or the Federal one if it got that far?

The US Supreme Court ruled anti-miscegenation laws to be unconstitutional in Loving v. Virginia in 1963.

I can believe it. This is one of the last Unspoken Things That Mississppi Republicans Believe.

It’s more prevalent out in the rural areas (which are most of the state, admittedly). Close to Memphis, around Jackson and in the University towns things are much more liberal.
ETA: The wording of the thread title is a bit misleading. They didn’t vote that they “wanted it banned”, they voted that it “should be illegal”. Not quite the same thing.

This is largely an age thing. You have bigots of all ages of course, but generally speaking the older they are the significantly more opposed to interracial marriage they are down here, exponentially so when you get to the oldest generation of voters (those who can remember segregation). Most of the younger generations have accepted it at least in public; if their son or, God forbid, their daughter brought up a black significant other it might be a different song. Plus gay is the new black in terms of offensive relationships and marriages.

While there aren’t that many black Republicans anywhere and probably less than average in Mississippi, it’s worth noting that black southerners are far from uniform in their opinions of interracial marriage. There are many black families that aren’t going to jump for joy any higher if their son brings home his white girlfriend anymore than the white family is likely to jump.

I agree with you on both points, Sampiro.

Regarding the second point: I know of parents who have flat-out told their kids: Bring home someone of the opposite race and I’ll disown you. Black as well as white.

Many people are surprised by the amount of open interracial relationships and interracial marriages here. While the Deep South states (Carolinas through Louisiana discounting sub panhandle Florida) is significantly lower than the national average in terms of interracial marriages in the Census, they’re actually higher in percentage of black:white marriages. This isn’t surprising since we have a much higher black population than most states and because until recently the Deep South was not nearly as racially diverse outside of black/white as the rest of the country. It was really only in the past decade or two (depending on the location) that a significant Hispanic population arose and Asians (including Indians and Pakistanis) are still rare outside of big cities.

Didja ever notice how people in the Midwest are kinda slow, and eat a lot of cheese?

Mississippi != The Midwest

No, and no.

Cheese? :confused:

I think it is understandable for a black family not to want their children dating someone white. It was only two generations ago where a black man even looking at a white woman could get him disappeared. Keeping to their own was just a safety precaution.

Sure, I can see that. I can also see the black family not trusting the white family because of history.

Only black-white intermarriages are being discussed here. What are people considering to be a race, and should all combinations be banned from marrying? What about Asian-Caucasian intermarriage? Polynesian-Australian aborigine? Hispanic-black? Amerindian-Inuit unions (is there a difference there?)?

The other 54% just wish the black guy would marry thier white baby momma. Have you been in a Walmart in Mississippi in the last ten years?