4k! 4k! 4k! 4k!

For the first time during my tenure here, I was finally on the ball! I kept a sharp eye on my post count, and I’m marking 4000!

C’mon in, everybody! I have five dozen cookies


and beer on tap! c(_)

Designated drivers, please help yourself to a Pepsi One [~].

Mmmmmmmmmm, beer.

Four grand, eh? Hoodathunkit? Damn fine show.

Congrats on 4k, Rilchiam!

No beer for me 'cause I’m at work right now (shhh), but I will take a cookie, thank you.

Four grand, wow, I haven’t got back to 500 yet (lost about 300 posts in the crash). I bow before your superior posting skills and wish you a happy 4000 more. :slight_smile:

Gosh, I popped in to discuss forks. Guess I’m out of luck.

Write on, Rilchiam, write on!

Well done. Hope I can post as much. How long did it take you ??

sooo…why does it look like 4007?


Max: It’s at 4007 now because he’s posted seven times since he started this thread. Postcounts are updated automatically in all posts.

Yummy cookies. Can I get the recipe?

Yey for Rilchiam’s awesome contributions to the Dope and the Fight Against Ignorance!

I thought you either ran a 4K race or just got a $4,000 raise.

But I’ll have a cookie and congratulate you.

Thank you all!

Lorna, you can get the recipe off the Ghirardelli chocolate chips bag. Be sure to fashion them into spheres before you bake, so they’ll come out thick and wide.

Derleth, I’m a she.

I never kept track of how many I lost in the crash…

Congrats! All little posts like this? :smiley:

And it only took me 70-some-odd posts to figure that out? Whooooooosh! And that’s not counting the user name and posts that were wiped out in the great DoperHack of '01.

Some day, Rilchiam, I shall achieve your greatness. I remember being excited over 42 posts.

Good job Rilchiam, even if you didn’t adopt me after all :D.

Congratulations! I can’t wait to make it to my first thousand, let alone 4! I lost a bunch in the crash too…but thanks for the cookies and beer!

Kahuna, IIRC, you didn’t accept the terms of the deal! Remember, the mop and bucket? :wink:


Friend, dopers, countrymen, err make that ‘countrypersons’, and furrigners…

We are hear today to honor our beloved and respected Ril- Ooh cookies!!


<snags two cookies>
<OK, three. who’s counting?>

And I’m a he.

Plenty of newbies think I’m a she, from the name, I guess, and I commonly have to correct them.

I wonder if other Dopers have people confusing which gender they are.

Woohoo! Go Rilch! Hey, I’ll take a few of those cookies…mmmmmmm! These are good! Thanks!

Congrats on 4k, Rilchiam! I think I’ll take a few cookies and some Pepsi One (yay, free Pepsi One).

Derleth: many people have had others confuse their gender.