4th of July Dimwittery.


How in the name of the Sainted Phoebe B. Beebee, Miracle Ape could some drone think this was a good plan?

First a castor oil enema, then mocking, for all concerned.

Yes we would have. Oh and for those not familar with this guys ancestory the “R” is silent.

I’m willing to give them some benefit of a doubt. They may not have realized that this particular version of “God Bless the USA” was the 9/11 remix until it was played.

Sounds like a mistake rather than something that was planned to me

Can you explain the hideousness of this again? Around here, “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?” and “God Bless the USA” were played on July 4 radio, with snippets of soldiers and their families, etc., we were told it was a day to celebrate freedom and honor those who died to preserve it. With the 9/11 attacks being described as an attack on freedom, why is bringing them up on July 4 so awful?

I’m not sure whether you read the link. The difference is between snippets of solders and their families and recordings from the cell phones of people trapped in the towers.

I’m not sure whether listening to the calls of the condemned is an appropriate way to celebrate our independence.

That a 9-11 remix even exists disgusts me. Lee Greenwood is such a morbid tool.

I think that word in bold is where they went wrong. July 4th is meant to be a day of celebration, not mourning. Kinda hard to celebrate when you’re listening to the last words of a victim of the worst terror attack in US history.

Agreed. I remember hearing about this when it was rushed into release and wondering what the hell they were thinking. How is this thing any more noble or patriotic or respectful of the victims than a snuff film?

But Greenwood’s a Republican, so that makes it all right. :wink:

Maybe so but the song is 20 years old and I don’t think he had anything to do with the remix.

Anyone else get the impression that at best, it cheapens the victims? Besides, it’s a terrible scare tactic, used at a time of celebration.
You could say that on independence day, the people who die to preserve the values of that independence should be honoured. But this particular method is inappropriate, IMHO.

Oh, for cryin’ out loud. Is there anything that doesn’t disgust you? The reason the guy apologized was because the song was a downer on the mood, not because he had just murdered a smiling baby.

I agree with Guinastasia on this one; taking something these real phone calls about a real tragedy and using them to pimp a song is disgusting.

I think “God Bless America” was pretty disgusting even before the version sampling 9/11. Fuckin’ gawdawful song.

You two need to go ahead and get a room.

Not to mention that the 9/11 victims were just that, victims. They didn’t choose to die, and their deaths didn’t preserve values of independence or anything along those lines. They were, if you’ll forgive me for using T. McV’s term, collateral damage.

And Miller, you mean “God Bless the USA”, right, not “God Bless America”? Nothing wrong with that song.

Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with the light from a bulb.


I didn’t know there was a remix of that song. We’re all doomed. :smack:

Lib, I’m not talking about the people who appologized for playing it-they made a mistake, most likely, and that’s unfortunate, but it happens.

I’m talking about Greenwood, you know, the artist who did “God Bless the U.S.A.” in the first place, then either arranged for there to be a “9-11 remix”, or at the very least, gave his blessing. (I would think he’d have to). Why would someone create that in the first place?

It’s still his song, I believe (he wrote it, IIRC), and I would think that with copyrights, he’d have to give his permission for them to do such a thing. If he didn’t, I’ll appologize for that, but I still can’t stand that maudlin piece of dreck, even BEFORE it was remixed. Not because I’m not patriotic, or because I’m hateful to people who are. But because the song SUCKS.