$50 Million Unclaimed Lotto Jackpot

In Florida recently, the time expired on an unclaimed Lotto Jackpot of $50 million. Under a new plan the money will be used directed to the state education fund, instead of on marketing for the lottery, where unclaimed money is typically spent.

So somebody won $50 extra large, but either forgot, died or lost the ticket. I don’t think I’d want to know if this were me, but at least education will benefit.

Great, but a bill to use the money for math or statistics education would be more ironic.

Emphasis Added

Okay, maybe they need training to read their lottery tickets if this is such a common occurence.

I was always aghast that the unclaimed prize money went back to the lottery people for advertisements or to bump up jackpot amounts. The local paper mentioned that while Jacksonville schools in the past got as much as $13M annually from the lottery, it’s dropped down to $8M recently. That seems fishy to me, although I’m far from a lottery expert.

I assume there are audits to keep this program honest…