50's/60's TV or movie show (force field)

Back in the late 60’s I watched a show on TV. A guy had a little box on his belt that produced a force-field. I remember him demonstrating it by forcing another guy against a wall. For the guy with the force field it was effortless to pin and or crush the other guy if he wanted. Don’t remember if it was a TV serial or a movie. I’ve watched all of the old Twilight Zones, Outer Limits, and countless 1950’s sci-fi flicks with no luck finding it yet.

I’m hoping someone out there will know of or remember the show.

I immediately thought of The Man From UNCLE.

No idea if that’s right though, I’m afraid!

First thing that comes to mind is an episode of the original series Star Trek, By Any Other Name. In the picture you can see the black boxes on their belts that ‘froze’ people.

Pretty sure the show I saw was black and white. I’ve seen all the original Star Trek episodes multiple times and it’s not in there. Thought it might have been in The Adventures of Superman (brainiac) but he never made an appearance in the 1950’s series.

Who knows it could be buried anywhere in 1950’s/1960’s scifi.

My Favorite Martian? The Avengers?

They used force field gadgets a lot on Lost in Space.

It’s possible it’s in Lost in Space. The scene I remember I think was in a building on the earth which is not very Lost in Space like. But I could be mistaken about the setting.

Thanks…I’ll take another look at that series.

Found the show (“Mission Stardust”/"…4 …3 …2 …1 …morte"). Will Feldman over on scifi.stackexchange.com knew the answer. I’ve been looking for many years now. Power of the crowd is amazing.

See the post here:

He couldn’t have - he was created at around the same time the TV series’ last episode aired.