50th B-day party/gift

I would like to give a male friend a special romantic 50th birthday party/gift he will always remember. Any suggestions?

A full body baby oil massage comes to mind. :rolleyes:

I hope you are female. If you’re not that’s ok too.

Blow Job?

How about Viagra? Hey… he’s 50. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to remember what I gave my dad for his 50th (I know, it’s not the same, but hey). I bought him a book of poetry, but that’s not important. What’s important is that the poetry book dealt with themes of love, compassion, nurturing, helping, life, etc. The things a parent has to teach a child.

Well, I bought him that book and I wrote him a letter, telling him that I feel as though I could never give back to him what he’s given to me, and that the book is supposed to represent that. I told him he looks happy for the first tiem since I’ve known him. I told him that he is my dad, and that there’s absolutely nothing that could ever shame me into publicly admitting that. I told him that I’m his son, and that I’ll always be his son, and I’ll always be thankful for being his son.

I don’t know, it’s not really romantic cause it’s my dad, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas.