52nd Ward? WTF?

I was walking on West Armitage Avenue near Lincoln Park High School today, and spotted this office door:


In case the image isn’t viewable, the lettering on the door says:

Ald. Colin Becks
52nd Ward
(seal of the city of Chicago)

First of all, I’m pretty sure we only have 50 wards in Chicago. Second of all, this is the 43rd Ward and our alderman is named Michele Smith. There doesn’t seem to be anything behind the door except an empty room.

Is this for a TV show or movie or something? I’m not aware of any that feature a fictional alderman, but that’s the only theory I can come up with.

Well, “Colin Becks” doesn’t return any meaningful results on Google, so that’s a no go. It did strike me that “Colin Becks” is kind of a spoonerised version of the phrase “beck & call”, but maybe that’s too much of a stretch.

Send this to the Sun-Times/Reader/Tribune. Maybe someone can tell you what is registered at that address.

The Reader?? What do those nimrods know?

Could it be this?

That fits the location. Good catch!

That’s “Nimrods”, you uncultured heathen. And be glad they are around.

Colin Becks was the guy standing against Matt Casey running for alderman.

For those confused by this shambling zombie moaning unintelligibly, “Colin Becks” was a character on the TV Shows “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD”.

Clearly one or both shows was being filmed there.