53,410 "WISE MEN"

53,410 “WISE MEN” pay, what, "$14.95 a year to post here.

My, how “clever.” I mean, of the guys who collect all that dough.

See, there aren’t any more message boards anywhere else in the MULTIVERSES to post your musings except right here. For $14.95 a year.

“Fighting ignorance since 1973.”

Good one.

“Expos’d the fool and lash’d the knave” - Jonathan Swift

To be fair, some of us aren’t wise men. Some of us are dumbasses and total dipsticks.


You know you’re part of that 53,410, right?

Have you paid?

And some of us have girly bits!

(Those also come in wise and dumbass varieties. The people, not the girly bits.)

Actually, we aren’t 54 000 paying posters on this board. More like 5000.

People aren’t that stupid. Most know that essentially all message boards are free. This board’s owners were lucky to even find 5 000 people as naive as we are…

Quite true: genitals only come in dumbass.

Besides, have you priced broadband access to alternate universes? Now that’s expensive.

Need to get my mind out of the gutter…